Happy Veterans Day!

Mom said we have to be serious today.  Shakespeare, do you think you can handle that?


Shakespeare, today is the day we honor all the humans fur people who have fought and served for our country.

We fight, does that mean we’re getting honored?

Shakespeare, I told you this was serious.  All the service humans and service fur people have fought over the years for our freedom.  Because of them, Mom lives in a free country and she was able to adopt us and take care of us.

That also means we get treats and food, doesn’t it?


This is Hemingway's "Red, White and Blue" pose.
This is Hemingway’s “Red, White and Blue” pose.

Today we all want to honor the service humans who have served, are serving and will serve for our country.

We also want to send lots of purrs and soft paw fats to the service fur people.  They are awesome!

veterans Day

Please Explain My Mom to Me!

This afternoon I was trying to take a nap next to Mom.  I was all curled up and purring and I was so happy.  Shakespeare was off somewhere probably looking for food so I had Mom to myself.


The only problem was that she was watching something called football.  I don’t understand why she gets so excited during that stupid game.  I would be quietly dreaming about chasing butterflies and all of a sudden she would yell, “Go! Go!!”  At first I thought she was yelling at me and telling me to run faster after the butterflies.  Then I opened one eye and saw that she was yelling at the TV!!!  Now what good does that do?  Every time I would try to fall asleep, she would start yelling and clapping her hands and stuff.  She can definitely not watch football quietly!!!

Nov 8, 2015; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Minnesota Vikings

She did apologize for yelling and waking me up.  She also said something about me getting used to it.  Good grief.  Yep, she loves those purple guys!!

Do the rest of you have that problem with your humans?

I’m going to wait until she watching a movie before I snuggle up with her again.  She almost always falls asleep watching movies!



Mom’s Mad………….Again!!!

Hemingway Hiding

I’m going to hide here so Mom doesn’t see me.  She’s mad!

Shakespeare Hiding

I better hide, too!  Why is she mad?  Did you do something naughty?

No way!  She’s not made at either of us.  She came home from work and started shouting about all the stupid road construction.  Then she was mumbling things about orange cones and orange barrels.

What’s wrong with orange?

Beside the fact that it’s not black and white, I’m not sure.

I think her brother said something about being hot under the collar.  Was she wearing a collar?  Why didn’t she just take it off?

I can’t tell you.

Is it a secret?

No…..I mean I don’t know so I can’t tell you.

Did she remember to feed us?

Of course.

Then nothing’s wrong.

From the Mom:  Boys, there’s still something very wrong about road construction!  It’s everywhere.  Be thankful you can’t go out of the back yard and aren’t allowed to drive my car.  Sorry you had to hear my temper tantrum.

But can you still get to the store for our food and treats?