Mom’s Mad………….Again!!!

Hemingway Hiding

I’m going to hide here so Mom doesn’t see me.  She’s mad!

Shakespeare Hiding

I better hide, too!  Why is she mad?  Did you do something naughty?

No way!  She’s not made at either of us.  She came home from work and started shouting about all the stupid road construction.  Then she was mumbling things about orange cones and orange barrels.

What’s wrong with orange?

Beside the fact that it’s not black and white, I’m not sure.

I think her brother said something about being hot under the collar.  Was she wearing a collar?  Why didn’t she just take it off?

I can’t tell you.

Is it a secret?

No…..I mean I don’t know so I can’t tell you.

Did she remember to feed us?

Of course.

Then nothing’s wrong.

From the Mom:  Boys, there’s still something very wrong about road construction!  It’s everywhere.  Be thankful you can’t go out of the back yard and aren’t allowed to drive my car.  Sorry you had to hear my temper tantrum.

But can you still get to the store for our food and treats?