Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!

Party with your favorite treats!

Don’t fight with your siblings!   (Mom made me say that!)

Don’t drink and drive…..Mom, I’m too young to drive so does that mean I can drink?

The Mom:  only water and tuna water, dear boy

Oh, and greet 2016 for us ‘cuz we will probably be asleep!!

Happy New Year to all our dear readers.  May 2016 be a year of peace, blessings and joy!

Look What Mom Brought Home!

Remember when Mom’s brother made a neat Snoopy Dog House out of a cardboard box?

We loved that dog house but Mom said she had to take it to work ‘cuz it was part of their Christmas decorations.

We thought that was stupid!

Well, Mom brought it home again tonight and it has all sorts of decorations on it.

So far we haven’t pulled any of them off, but we sure have made ourselves comfortable with our new play house!

Snoopy House - Copy

This is what it looked like in the office when it was all decorated.


This is what it looked like when I discovered it tonight!


This is me giving Hemingway the laser eyes ‘cuz he thinks he gets to use it too!  Anyone can see that it’s just perfect for me.

P1040994MOL!!!  I do get to use it and it fits me just fine!

We See Changes….

Hi readers!  We’re so glad to see you!

We looked out the door today and got a big surprise.  For my birthday and for Christmas the next day, we had brown ground outside.  Then when we woke up on Saturday there was white stuff out there.  Our humans got that shoveled off and then last night all the white stuff exploded again and the humans had to clean it up once again!

We don’t even want to go outside now.

P1040976Did that white stuff come from up there?


Mom, I think you brought some of that white stuff in the house and I almost stepped in it.  Shouldn’t you take it back outside?


Shakespeare, see that shovel out there?  I think you’re supposed to use that to clean off the deck.


No way!!!  I’m just going to sit here and dream about summer!

Merry Christmas to All Our Human and Fur People Friends!

Merry Christmas

Did that big guy in the red suit really leave these gifts for us?

I guess so.  I think he forgot his hat when we meowed at him.

Should we tell Mom?

I don’t think so.  She’ll probably worry that his head will get cold.

 Merry Christmas Everyone!  We all hope you have a blessed Christmas and that peace will reign throughout the world.

A Paw and a Claw!

Hemingway Birthday

It’s my birthday today and I’m a “Paw and a Claw”!!!  That’s six in human years.  I’ve been with Mom a long time now and I am so happy.

Here’s what I looked like as a baby:

Hemingway 9 Weeks Old

I did finally grow into my ears and my whiskers!

Hemingway's Reaction to Shakespeare

And this is what I looked like when Mom brought Shakespeare home a few months later!  Now I kind of like having a little brother.

I hope all of you have a wonderful day.  I know tomorrow is the really big day, but Mom makes today extra special for me.  So let’s all sing “Happy Birthday to me!”


Oil and Water……..Cats and Paper

P1040928What’s Mom doing now?  Why isn’t she still wrapping things?

P1040930Hemingway, get that foot away from me!

P1040933Hemingway………here come my devil eyes!!!

P1040939I’m going to arrange this paper just the way I want it!

P1040940That was hard work!  I need a nap!!!

P1040934At last!!  The papers are all mine!!!!  I win!!!!!

From the Mom:  I found it was much easier to wrap gifts if the boys were sleeping!  I had to leave those two big sheets of paper and the paper roll out for them to attack!  They love all those things!!!

Mom’s Office Stuff

Mom brought home some pictures for us to see.

She spends all day at this place called “the office” and we wanted to see what it was like.

We are beginning to understand why she goes there!

This is part of Mom's office where they decorated it as a Charlie Brown Christmas!
This is part of Mom’s office where they decorated it as a Charlie Brown Christmas!
Here's our "Kitty Kastle" which is now claimed by some dog named Snoopy! Mom better bring that back to us!!!
Here’s our “Kitty Kastle” which is now claimed by some dog named Snoopy! Mom better bring that back to us!!!
Here's Mom and that Santa guy. That doesn't look like work to us!
Here’s Mom and that Santa guy. That doesn’t look like work to us!

Look What We Found!!!!

Mom roped her brother into helping her make a dog house for work  for some Christmas decorating they were doing!  We tried to help but she told us we were in the way.

When they finished it, we inspected and approved….and took over!

When Mom saw us in the dog house, laughed at us and said we have “dog in our jeans”.

I don’t wear jeans!!!

Neither do I so we have no idea what she’s talking about.  Humans are like that!

Does this box make me look too fat?
Look! My tail fits perfectly!!!!
Look! My tail fits perfectly!!!!
I kind of like this big door.
I kind of like this big door.
This makes me look like a king in my castle.
This makes me look like a king in my castle.
Shakespeare....when you're done, it's my turn again!
Shakespeare….when you’re done, it’s my turn again!