Look What Mom Brought Home!

Remember when Mom’s brother made a neat Snoopy Dog House out of a cardboard box?

We loved that dog house but Mom said she had to take it to work ‘cuz it was part of their Christmas decorations.

We thought that was stupid!

Well, Mom brought it home again tonight and it has all sorts of decorations on it.

So far we haven’t pulled any of them off, but we sure have made ourselves comfortable with our new play house!

Snoopy House - Copy

This is what it looked like in the office when it was all decorated.


This is what it looked like when I discovered it tonight!


This is me giving Hemingway the laser eyes ‘cuz he thinks he gets to use it too!  Anyone can see that it’s just perfect for me.

P1040994MOL!!!  I do get to use it and it fits me just fine!