Advice for The Mom

Mom, this is what we think you should be using.

What do you mean, “we”??  Hemingway, Mom’s going to get mad.  Are you saying she’s lazy?  Or even worse, are you saying she’s fluffy?

No way!!!  I don’t want Mom getting mad at me.  I was just thinking that she keeps saying it’s too slippery outside with that white stuff out there now so if she stayed inside and used this, then she would get all exercised and would feel better.

Scissorsized?  I don’t want Mom getting cut.

Shakespeare, you never really listen to me, do you?  I think you go off into that Shakespeare world and you just ignore everything else.

It’s nice in my world.  Want to come take a look?

Copy of P1040158

Luckily I don’t have a passport for your world.

So Peaceful

The Mom writes:

I have to take over the boys’ blog for just a little bit.  Have you ever noticed how totally peaceful and relaxed a sleeping cat is.  You can’t help but pet them and listen to their motors start to rumble.  Shakespeare is not a cuddly cat, but he does like to be petted and his motor is much louder than Hemingway’s is.  Shakespeare will often come to bed with me and then get on the pillow next to me and start purring.  He seems to do that until he figures I’m almost asleep and then he jumps down off the bed and goes to another place to sleep.  Many times he will come back later in the night and sleep at the foot of the bed.  He jumps so softly that I don’t even feel him when he jumps up on the bed.

...and then suddenly before my eyes there was this huge mountain of treats!
Mom………….I’m sleeping.

Then there’s Hemingway.

Nothing is going to disturb my nap.

He’s my big boy and at around 20 pounds, he is anything but graceful.  When he jumps up or down, he jumps hard.  Often he lands right on top of me.  Yes, he knows how to wake me up from a deep sleep.  However, having Hemingway sleep with me is the most comforting thing ever.  I just melt when he curls around my head and puts his paws on my face.  He will gently touch my face as if he’s saying, “Don’t worry, Mom.  I’m here to protect you.”  He has a gentle purr that he seems to crank up just for me.  Have you ever had a cat take his front leg and stretch it across you as if he’s hugging you?  Hemingway is a real cuddler and has to get as close as possible.  To have a soft cat’s cheek resting on your cheek is heaven.   There’s nothing in the world like that.  The love that comes from both of these dear fur people just can’t be measured.  I consider myself extremely lucky to have found them and rescued them.  I just wanted them to know how much I love them.  Thank you Hemingway and Shakespeare for being the comfort I need when scared, a little down, physically worn out, or confused.

I’m Grumpy!

icy hemingway

This is not a happy face.  Not only did we have zero degrees for a bit, then we went even below that so Mom said we had minus degrees.  Great.  Now we owe some degrees for it to get to zero again.  It’s not fair!  I want the green grass back so I can roll around in it.  I want to listen to the birdies.  I want to splash in the bird bath.  I want to look for little bugs on the ground.  Instead I’m stuck inside with Mom and Shakespeare and none of us are very happy in this cold!!!  Could you please send some warm this way????  Thank you very much!!

I’m Blaming Shakespeare


So, let me tell you what’s happening.  Winter finally arrived and we don’t like it and neither does Mom.  She says it’s elebenty billion degrees below zero now.  We think she’s stretching that a little but she did open the door after we kept telling her that we wanted to go outside.  We both stuck our noses out there and they froze!  No way were we going out in that cold.  Maybe Mom wasn’t stretching it after all.

Now I have this theory about what’s happening to the weather.  Some kitties recently started looking at this old picture of Shakespeare and they decided if Shakespeare could get into that big cold box where their humans store all the food, then they could do it, too.


Shakespeare in Refrigerator

Even though I thought he was a mouthy little kid, all the other kitties thought he was so cute and they started opening those big cold food boxes just like Shakespeare.  Pretty soon they were opening the even colder part of those food boxes.

Now imagine twelvty forty-sebenty of those cold food boxes standing open.  That’s why it got so cold outside!

First of all, I want everyone to know that Shakespeare did not open the big cold food box by himself.  Mom had opened it and he decided to check it out and tell Mom what he wanted to eat.  It didn’t work so now I want all the kitties to go close those cold food boxes right now.

Hemingway, are you for real???

It’s Here!

While Hemingway watched from a distance, I, the brave one, ventured out into 2016.


Mom….the wind is blowing my tail!  And what’s all this white stuff?  I don’t like it touching my feet!!!

Jan 1

All I see is white stuff!!  Where are my favorite playing spots?  Did 2016 take them away?


QUICK!!!!  Let me in!!!  I’m not impressed with 2016.  It’s cold and it has all that white stuff.  Bring back 2015!  Make it happen, Mom!!!