Kitty House 101

Mom was laughing at us tonight as we were playing with our house!


I started exploring it first.


Then Shakespeare came over trying to tell me that I needed to have the rest of my body inside the house.


See………I fit just fine.


Let me try.


You must bend your back legs gracefully.


It took a bit of doing, but I finally got my big tail in there!


See……….I fit, too!!

25 thoughts on “Kitty House 101

  1. Hi Shakes and Hemi, such a nice house, but I wonder the name “Snoopy” on the box, I mean the dog, is there also a dog, be careful…You have great tails, mine is slim and short. What about the white stuff and degrees…you won’t believe, here in Finland we have no snow and it is raining, February has always been the coldest month, is this planet warming up really fast. Mom says this is enough, so must stop. Kosmo Finland.

    1. Kosmo, Mom’s brother made the house for Christmas decorations Mom was doing at her office. We keep telling Mom to put our names on the house now but she forgets. Mom said our winter has been really mild and we’ve only had the one big dumping of snow so far. Strange weather!

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