The World Is Ending………..

Quick!!!  Someone’s got to do something!!!  Normally Mom’s brother gets home from work and feeds us.  Well, he did something very strange.  He packed a bag and left town yesterday.  He told us he was going on a vacation but we didn’t understand what that really meant!!!


Mom forgot to tell me that this is the day she doesn’t get home until really late!!!  I had to wait almost four hours for my food!!!  Oh the torture.  Oh the pain.  Oh the fear!!!


Luckily Mom finally got home and we had some supper.  I’m sure if she had been any later, I would have looked like this!

thin cat

Mom better not ever let her brother go on a vacation again ‘cuz I could waste away without my supper.

Hemingway resting

I don’t believe it!!!!  Shakespeare’s so busy complaining about getting his supper a little bit late that he doesn’t even say anything about the fact that we’ve been quiet for so long!  Sorry readers!  My little brother has a one track mind………or maybe he just has one track.  Come to think of it, I’m not sure about him having a mind.  At any rate, Mom has been kind of busy and keeps forgetting to leave the computer on for us so we can stay in touch with all of you.  We’ll try to get her to be better!

Don’t forget we have to tell her not to be late with our food!