Mom’s Laughing at Us!

Mom said we had to apologize for going missing for so long.

Why do we have to apologize?  She’s the one who was missing!!  She didn’t even bother to turn the puter on for us.

Hemingway, Mom had a rough few weeks.

Oh, that’s right.  She had all sorts of singing to do for Easter and for a concert last weekend.  Then she managed to slice her finger when she was cooking something.  We both know she tends to be a little klutzy.

MOL!!!  Mom’s going to get you!!!

Anyway, it just seems like Mom’s been running on empty lately.

I NEVER run on empty!!!  I remind EVERYONE if my food is low!

We know!!!

So, today was purrfect so Mom was working outside and we were “helping”.

I looked for bugs and things.
I looked for birds and butterflies.

We both ran around the yard chasing leaves and twigs and talking to our dog friends in the neighborhood.  We smelled the fresh air and of course we did lots of exploring.  Now Mom’s laughing at us ‘cuz this is what we look like after our adventures.

I had too many adventures and now I’m “cat tired!
MOM!!!  Get away with that flashy box.  I’m trying to take a nap!

From the Mom:  Both boys had way too much excitement today and the two pictures above show what they have been doing since coming in and having their supper.  I knew they were really really tired when neither one tried to “help” me make the bed with the fresh off the line sheets!  Sorry I haven’t been writing, but it’s just been kind of hard lately.  We’ll try and stay on top of things!  We’ve missed all of you!!!

22 thoughts on “Mom’s Laughing at Us!

  1. Very nice to see you both. You are both as cute as ever. Sorry about your Mom’s finger. I hope it has healed. Also hope you will be posting more often.

    1. Mom’s finger is all healed and we told her we want to do our blog more often now! So the “ball’s in her court”. Actually, we’re the ones who play with balls and we don’t have a court. Another human saying that is just confusing.

  2. Hey, we’ve missed you as well. So happy you boys had a great day in the yard. We are so happy that spring is finally here. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  3. Nice seeing you two again! And you are right, it’s your human that should apologize – according to Sparkle’s notes (which I still refer to), no human excuse is a good one!

  4. Lovely photos, it is nice that snow has melted away and beautiful butterflies fly. You two seem to be really tiredafter working in the garden. Take care of your Mom.

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