Mom Got a New Toy!!!

New Toy

We had to chuckle ‘cuz the first time she tried it out, she hit the ground!  The only reason that happened (she says) is ‘cuz it wasn’t adjusted high enough.

Oh sure, Mom!!!  Remember just last week when we “accidentally” told our readers that you were klutzy?

Well, tonight she got on it with no problems.  She was relaxing from her day at the work place and waiting for supper to finish cooking.

We were both outside playing and checking for bugs, birds and other interesting things.

I looked over and Mom looked soooooo comfortable.  She even had a smile on her face.  I decided I should join her.  So I jumped right up there…

You did not!  Mom had to say, “Jumpie up!” before you got up there.

The point is……I got up there and you didn’t!  I must admit that I can see why Mom was smiling.  It’s a mighty comfortable thing.  Luckily we both got off just before it started raining.

That ended our night of fun!