A Star is Born!

Hey everyone, I’m a star!!!

Aren’t you going to let people know what’s going on with us first?

Nope.  I’m a star!


This wonderful photo of me was posted on Kaatzenworld’s Happy Tummy Rub Tuesday (TRT).  Don’t I look wonderful????  I really love all the glittery things Mom added.

Enough about you!  Folks, we’re sorry we’ve been quiet but it’s Mom.  Now, we happen to love chasing bugs and catching them.

I’ve been known to sit and stare at dirt for hours.  Mom thinks I’m crazy but there are little bugs in there that I’m studying.  Once I know everything about bugs, I’ll be even more famous.

Anyway…….Mom obviously doesn’t like catching bugs!  She caught a nasty one and she was just so sleepy that she couldn’t do anything.

She made it to work.

That’s true.  If she had stayed home from work she might have had more time for us!

Mom made all sorts of funny sounds when she was sleeping.  There was wheezing, whistling, crackling, snorting and then the coughing!  At first I thought she was trying to purr when she was sleeping.

However, there’s NO WAY we make noises like that when we’re sleeping!!!

So, Mom is finally getting better and seems to have a little more energy.

We’re hoping she gets busy and starts telling all of you about our adventures again.

She can also tell everyone what a STAR I am!!!

Good grief………………

16 thoughts on “A Star is Born!

  1. I will go check you out on Katzenworld. You are a star and that is a nice tummy. I wish I could rub it.

  2. Good grief, you two sound like Kali and me! Of course, Kali hates bugs and I find them a great adventure. We’re opposites as you two sound. Have a great day Hemingway and Shakespeare.


  3. Coughing is the worst. Mom had coughing in the winter and I couldn’t sleep a wink. She coughed me awake every 5 minutes for a week! Then every 10 minutes after that! Ugh. I was exhausted! I’m happy your mom has turned the corner and is getting better.

    Love and licks,

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