We Went Outside!!!

After being forced to stay inside all weekend while Mom’s brother worked on the deck, we finally escaped…….well, not really ‘cuz Mom actually opened the door for us.  It was wonderful to get outside again so we could check out stuff!

Will this new deck hold me?
Does this new wood make me look fat???
I know we used to have a deck here before. Where did it go?
I heard something!
You put your left paw in…you put your left paw out…you put your left paw in and you shake your tail about…..
This is what I think of how long it’s taking Mom’s brother to finish. I guess I should be thankful I’m not old like her. At least I can jump up and down off the deck. I don’t need steps like she does! MOL!!!

24 thoughts on “We Went Outside!!!

  1. It’s good that they let you out to check the progress of the deck. So far it looks good. Very slimming…..

    Love and licks,

  2. Your deck is coming on well which means we saw you you checking to make sure it was being put together neatly.

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