Sneaky Us!!!

Not MeShhhhh…….we must be very quiet ‘cuz we’re being very, very sneaky!


Shakespeare, quiet!  Mom’s birthday is this Saturday but she’s going to be out of town.

Oh right……..I remember that.  She’s going to a house that has two dogs and no kitties.  She’s going to be very lonely.

Anyway, since she’ll be gone on her birthday, we wanted to make sure something got posted in our blog so she would know we’re thinking of her.  She doesn’t even know that I learned how to turn the puter on so we can do this.  Won’t she be surprised?

Is someone going to feed us while she’s gone?

Of course.  Just relax.

2016 BirthdayWe don’t have any of that money stuff so we thought we would share some of our toys and treats with you.

Are you really going to give Mom some of my treats?  Did I agree to that?

picture-of-a-birthday-cake-with-lots-of-candlesWe heard that it’s going to be two hundred and elebenty billion degrees outside on Saturday and we know why.  Just look at all those candles!!!!

Don’t worry folks.  Once Mom blows out the candles it should cool down a little.  Too bad her birthday isn’t in January!  MOL!!!!Lonesome

Mom, we just want you to know that even though you won’t be with us on your actual birthday, we will celebrate with you when you get home.

Do you like catnip on your cake?

24 thoughts on “Sneaky Us!!!

  1. We hope your Mom will have a lovely day for her birthday and you will both give her lots of kitty kisses.

  2. MOL indeed! You two crack me up. 211’ty billion degrees…lololol. Mom will need your help to blow out the candles on that one. Wish Happy Birthday to your mom from Boomdee when you’re sharing your toys with her. I wonder if she’s giving those doggies tummy rubs today? Oh, I’m sure she misses you lot’s and lot’s

  3. MOL Did you get a couple of catnip mice for your mom? They’re great exercise for her. All us here at Canadian Cats wish your mom a very happy birthday.

    Shoko, Kali and Mom Jean

  4. So sorry that we have been away from blogging so long that we missed your Mom’s birthday. Hope it was a wonderful one!

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