Remembering Dads

Mom asked us the other day if either of us remembered our dads.  

We’re not from the same litter so we had different Moms and Dads.  I just want to make that abundantly clear in case Shakespeare says or does something stupid.

Not nice!  Anyway, we both told Mom that we don’t remember our dads.  Fact is, we don’t remember our fur moms either.  Our human Mom is the only one we really remember.

However, we wanted to take time to wish all the human fathers and fur fathers a very Happy Father’s Day!

What about the feather Fathers?  Or even the fin Fathers?

OK Shakespeare, we want to wish every living that that happens to be a father, a very special day.

Does that include trees and flowers?  Do they have fathers?


I’m just going to sit out here and ponder those questions and hope that Shakespeare takes a nap soon.


I told Mom even I could get in the hammock when it’s like this!


MOL!!!  Mom caught me in mid-flight!  She always calls me the Orange Streak.  She wasn’t quite fast enough to get this picture before I was off and running so I’m a little blurry.

We hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  We were glad that Mom stayed home this time.  She let us play outside today…..

……but we can tell you for sure that it was very hot and very windy!!!

We’re both really tired now.

Meow with you all later…………

14 thoughts on “Remembering Dads

  1. For the first five months of my life, I grew up in the same house with my dad! So I’m one of the lucky few kitties that remembers her father!

  2. We were rescues from the RSPCA (over 100 cats were in one small house!!) Mum only went for one cat (her last one had died just a few days before) but the RSPCA said as there had been so many cats in the house they wanted the cats to have a companion. That is how we got together and had Mum smiling!

  3. doodz…..N get thiz….gram paw dude….”gram paw” iz knot even a reel “gram paw”…coz him ree maned a bachelorz all hiz life & other …stuff…pluz dai$y N boomer iz knot troo brother N sister N me & sauce waz onlee brotherz in law…sew we noe wear yur comin frum !! 🙂 ♥♥♥

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