I Scared Mom!


It wasn’t intentional, but Mom got really scared when she came home from work today.  Normally my little brother, Shakespeare, and I always greet her at the door and ask to go outside to play in the back yard.  Well, Shakespeare was at the door but I wasn’t.  Mom came looking for me and I was lying on her bed.  She looked at my eyes and they were at “half-mast” (her words).  I didn’t move and she knew something was wrong.  She called the doctor’s house right away and they told her to bring me over.  I got to see a new Doctor Man and he was really nice to me.  He talked quietly and he petted me.  He took me in back and Mom doesn’t know what all they did and I’m not telling.  (I’m especially not telling anyone about shaving me by my “pooper popper”!!!  That was more humiliating than having my temperature taken!!)  Anyway, they took blood and ran some tests and everything was normal, but I did have a temperature.  When the Doctor Man came out to talk to Mom he told her about some options.  She and the Doctor Man decided to give me an antibiotic shot to see if that will help me feel better.  Did I get a vote in that decision???  No way!!!

I’m home now and I’m resting.  Mom will be watching me and of course Shakespeare will be trying to figure out what’s going on.  What I didn’t tell Shakespeare is that the Doctor Man and Mom talked about putting both of us on a diet.  Even with all the summer exercise, I’ve put on weight and that’s not good.  Mom said we’re going to be getting different food now so I hope we like it.

Just don’t tell Shakespeare.  Let’s just surprise him!!

Say a few words of prayer for Mom ‘cuz she gets really nervous if we get sick.  I’m going to try my best to get well really soon.