A Better Day!


Mom says my eyes are brighter tonight.  I want to thank all the fur people and their humans who sent me good wishes.  I was so surprised to hear from all of you!  Mom said I’m a lucky boy!  It’s scary to be sick.  Of course I wasn’t as scared as Mom.  She was an actual twit!!!!

Anyway, when she got up this morning I showed her I was feeling better by eating some of the new food.  Then I took a bath and I flip-flopped my tail so she knew I was on the mend.  (By the way, I didn’t know I was broken!)

I heard that Mom fretted and stewed all day at work and may have driven a tad fast to get home tonight.  I was at the door waiting for her so she had a big smile on her face.


We went outside to enjoy some fresh air.  I don’t get up in the hammock unless Mom is already in it.  Of course, she’ll probably tell you that I use her as a launching pad and she has a big scratch on her arm.


Here I’m checking out the yard to see if there’s something out there that made me sick.  I didn’t see anything.  I told one of my friends that I think a bird spit in my face!  MOL!!!

I’m still not quite as spunky as usual, but when the doctor man’s house called, they said it would take a couple of days.  They were glad to hear I was moving around and eating.  Oh that………..yes, Mom started us on diets today.


The new food is actually pretty tasty.

Copy of P1030187

We’re on diets?????

OK……….who squealed?????

22 thoughts on “A Better Day!

  1. We are SO happy you’re on the mend, H. I know you will be your feisty self real soon! As far as diets go, UGH! They’re the worst. Once I was on treat restriction. It stinks.

    Love and licks,

  2. dood…be jezuz…ewe can bet if a BURD spit any wear within 100 milez oh ewe, thatz why ewe getted sick…..faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..we shulda known~~~ we iz buzzed happee yur doing better; N knot ta worree coz that foodz knot reel lee diet….

    itz mor like: Doodz Iz Eatin Toona 🙂 ♥♥♥

  3. So happy you’re on the mend Hemingway Just remember a diet is a * frame of mind*. So if the food is good and life goes on as normal no problem, you can handle that dreaded *diet*,


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