Happy Fourth of July

We are enjoying the peace and quiet of our backyard right now.

Mom said we have to be inside tonight when all the booming starts.

Starts???  It’s already been happening.

We don’t like it but it doesn’t seem to scare us.

Mom makes sure all the windows are locked and that big machine that blows cool air is on so we’re happy.


See what a good job I do at hiding?  Nobody can see me!


Actually, I think I do a better job of hiding.  I blend in with the cover!


Mom….is this the thing you use to make catnip burgers?  Why aren’t you making any?

P1050249Did someone say catnip?

P1050243I love walking on the new deck!  I think it shows off my humongous tail so perfectly.Copy of P1030383

Both of us and Mom want to wish all of you a very happy and safe Fourth of July!  Please remember that we fur people don’t understand all the loud noises you humans make on this holiday.  Many of us don’t like them and we are very scared of them.  Think of us and do something to help us get through this terrifying night.  Thanks so much!

19 thoughts on “Happy Fourth of July

  1. Hi kitties! Excellent hiding pictures. Your new deck is great.
    I hope you have no bum and bams in the evening. I knew a dog who was so afraid of fireworks, that she was under the bed over 24 hours without peeing. Think of that !
    Have a nice Independence Day!
    a cat in faraway Finland.

  2. Happy Fourth! We don’t go out at all around the holiday, and while we don’t seem to mind the fireworks much – we don’t have a lot in our neighborhood and the city events aren’t so close by as to be REALLY disturbing – my human is concerned enough about fires that she usually stays home.

  3. A belated…Happy 4th Of July my friends!! Hope everyone is resting up today after some hairy and scary noises last night. Now, these Catnip Burgers intrigue me. I must see if mom has hidden any. MOL

    Shoko and Kali

  4. Belated 4th of July greetings. Hope it wasn’t too too bad. We get lot’s of thunder here at night when it’s been hot all day but the kitties never get used to it. Especially Petals ! She’s real chicken

    1. Petals, there’s nothing wrong with being chicken. Those boomers can be really loud. Thanks so much for the greetings. Mom’s been having puter problems so she hasn’t been turning on the puter for us. Then she went and left us over the weekend!!! She’s got to get busy with our blog again soon!!! Purrs and soft paw pats to you.

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