Have I Got a Tail for You!

It seems we’ve been gone for a long time again.  Blame it on Mom, even though she’s trying to blame it on me!

Remember a little bit ago when I got sick?  Well, Mom got sick about the same time.  She said she caught her epplezoodix from ME!  In the first place, I don’t know what epplezoodix are …. or is.  In the second place, I do not throw things!  I knock them off of things and then move them around but I don’t throw.  So Mom had me all confused.

I sat down with her so she could explain.  She said epplezoodix was a word her Dad made up to describe when a human wasn’t feeling good.  Now I understand!  NOT!  I still didn’t throw anything.  Anyway, Mom was not feeling good for about a week.  She said it felt like she was swallowing razor blades.  Now in my opinion, that’s a pretty stupid thing to do.  She’s finally better and seems to have more energy again so maybe she’ll have the strength to turn on the puter for us more often.


Now, the reason I’m in a rather snarly mood is that Mom took me to the doctor’s house again!!!!  I was just there.  Why did I have to go back?  She made up some excuse about me needing my checkup and shots.  SHOTS?????  I didn’t sign up for that!

Here’s what happened on my trip to the doctor’s house tonight.

It started with a ride in Mom’s car.  See how I blend in?  I’m invisible!
Here I am calmly sitting on a chair while Mom signs us in.
How humiliating!  I had to be weighed again!!!
Dear God, please let the numbers be good.  They were!!!  I lost about half a pound!!!
Does this table make me look fat?
Poking and prodding.  Are you almost done?
Mom, if I promise to let you cut my nails, will you not make me go through this again?
This is my stink eye look!
Finally!  Here I am waiting to go home while Mom pays for this stupid visit.

I got home and had something to eat and now I’m napping.  What I didn’t tell Shakespeare is that he’s going to have to go through this, too!  I can’t wait!!  Oh, and the doctor person said I was very healthy and had recovered from my epplezoodix.  I still don’t know what they are!!!!

35 thoughts on “Have I Got a Tail for You!

  1. You are so well-behaved at the vet’s office. That’s a crazy-sounding disease. Happy you all are well now. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  2. I am glad you and your Mom are both feeling better. And Yay! You lost 1/2 pound, that is like 10 on a person .

  3. I’m glad you and your human are feeling better, Hemingway! You sure looked miserable at the vet’s! I bet Shakespeare won’t be any happier.

  4. Gosh that epple-stuff sounds icky so I’m glad you don’t have it and your Mom doesn’t have it either. YUCK. Sorry you had to visit the vet guy and he prodded and poked you. They seem to enjoy doing that don’t they? I’m due for my checkup too – not looking forward to it for sure!

    Hugs, Sammy

  5. Hemingway, I thought about a way you could “lose” some weight … get brushed. You’re pretty fluffy … maybe some hair loss through grooming will take off some pounds (ounces) — hee hee! Just a thought.

    You look great though I must say H. Take care and happy healing! ❤

  6. Oh my, I have never seen a cat behaving so at the vet´s. I have to be in a carrier, locked with ten locks, and I bite that catdoctor. Now he remembers to use gloves, made of hard leather.
    And it was very nice to hear that you are in good condition and nails cut.

  7. dood…we dunno bout that E werd either… but we due noe we iz buzzed happee ya had such a grate ree port frum de ewe noe wear place oh eeeeeeeeeevil….. { & we iz glad yur mom stopped swallowinn bladez !!!!! whoa } ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  8. You lost us in the car on the seat because you were invisible! Don’t know how you got onto that chair or in to see those vet people. We’re convinced our Mom wouldn’t have been able to find you.

    1. MOL!!! Only problem is…..Mom saw me and she took me into the doctor’s house. Mom says I’m the only cat she’s ever had that would just sit quietly on a chair alone. My little brother is the exact opposite. I think it’s an “orange” thing. 🙂

  9. No carrier…you just sit there. Wow, you are mom’s dream come true. We need a carrier and then we sit way at the back so mom feels guilty every time she looks at us. MOL


  10. OMC our Mom wishes you were HER kitty you are such an angel at the V.E.T.! Glad you are better!

  11. LOL, you ARE almost invisible in the car! That’s very handy. You’re such a good kitty you don’t even go in the carrier. Petals is a maniac. She actually tore her way OUT of a cardboard carrier once and meows and howls like it’s the ‘end-of-days’. “Does this table make me look fat?” meow out loud! Your editor is a funny funny writer….er ‘helper’ x B

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