Jungle Jeans


So, I’m sitting out here trying to figure out what Mom’s problem is!  By the way, don’t I look angelic and adorable?  Anyway, Mom told me she’s tired of my jungle jeans.  Mom!  I don’t wear jeans!!  Have you ever seen me in any kind of jeans??  And what are jungle jeans?  I have never seen them.

All of this is because the other night Mom was in the house and Hemingway and I were out in the back yard patrolling, watching and looking for our doggie friend neighbors.  Suddenly I saw something that I knew I had to chase.  I ran and ran and then went into the house to show Mom my trophy.  Mom was not impressed.

What did I have?  I had a bunny in my mouth.  It wasn’t a baby bunny.  Mom figures it was like a preteen bunny, whatever that means.  I was so proud of my catch but Mom took it away from me and I never saw the bunny again.

Readers, I had heard on the news around here that our area is being overrun with bunnies.  I was just trying to help.  I didn’t know Mom would be sad.  I thought she would be proud of me.  She sat me down and had a long talk about not killing bunnies and birds and squirrels and things.  Then she hugged me and mumbled something about jungle jeans.

If I ever find those jungle jeans that Mom says I have, I’m going to throw them out!!!


23 thoughts on “Jungle Jeans

  1. I’ve never even killed a spider – although Mom sometimes wishes I would… I’m pretty sure killing bunnies is naughty. You should switch to city jeans.

    Love and licks,

      1. We’re ALL wearing our jeans, S. They’re all over out faces and all over our bodies and all over our behaviors. We can’t even help it. My obedience school teacher said, “There’s no substitute for good jeans.”

  2. I think I have jungle jeans too, Shakespeare! They must be in my closet somewhere. But mine aren’t as good as yours – I need my human’s help to catch the mice that sometimes sneak into the house. And I guess my human’s jungle jeans aren’t that great either because she takes them away, but never harms them.

  3. Whew! We are glad to hear you are not being stuffed into jeans! How silly would that be? And let us repeat what we hear our Mom tell our outdoor visitor cats – No hunting! That means no bunnies, too!

  4. dood….we think itz total lee awesum ewe catched a rabbit !!! sure we noe yur momz knot a happee camper, but a catz gotta due what a catz gotta due…dont we !! pluz…. ya noe it coulda been a vishuz snake… then her wood bee like…. YAY 🙂 ♥♥♥

  5. Well we are quite impressed and proud of you for bringing your Mom such a wonderful prize. Looking quite handsome our Mom says!
    Marty and the Gang

  6. oh dear, yes bunnies are so precious, I can imagine mommy was sad. My old cat used to bring them too….I always cried when I had to tidy up. What about racing around the yard casing butterflies? I know its in your genes or jeans but they’re going to be missed by their bunny families.

      1. Maybe it’s like me with cookies, I know I shouldn’t but can’t help it. Good to know that mom hasn’t had to do any bunny clean up! Way to resist Shakespeare!

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