Mom’s Fault Again

Mom……get busy and help us write something.
I’m just going to take a short nap while we’re waiting for Mom!

Yes, we know we’ve been gone for a long time.

Where did we go?  I didn’t pack my suitcase?

Shakespeare, we’ve been missing from “Blogland”.

Oh, is that why we haven’t been hearing from our friends?

Yes…….it’s Mom’s fault.  First she was sick and then the computer was sick.  She had to wait for the guys in uniform to replace some wires outside so the computer would work faster.

That’s a good thing ‘cuz when it was slow, she was not very happy at all!

So, then it got faster and she left town!!!  Her latest excuse is that she’s tired when she gets home from work.

All pretty lame excuses in my book.  I bet I could come up with some better ones!!

Would your excuses involve food?

Of course!

We can’t make any promises, but Shakespeare and I are really hoping Mom is on the ball again and will let us chat with all of you!

Keep your paws crossed!!!