Neighborhood News


This is us relaxing on the deck a few days ago.

Tonight we’re inside and we’re not happy about it.

In fact, we’ve been inside all week.

Mom said all the angels were baking chocolate chip cookies and brownies and they all left their oven doors open so it got super, super hot this week.

She said she didn’t want us going out when it was so hot but we know that she’s the one who didn’t want to go out and play with us!

Mom said there were more reasons she didn’t want us going outside.

She said something about the Raptor Center releasing a Cooper’s Hawk youngster in our neighbor’s yard last week.  He was hanging around here looking for the older hawk that’s been in this area.  You see, the young one didn’t know how to hunt yet so they were hoping he would get lessons from the older one.

Hey…..I know how to hunt!  I could teach him.

Shakespeare, Mom doesn’t want you messing with any hawks.  She said they are dangerous for us little and not so little kitties.  Here’s a picture of one!

Cooper's Hawk s36-35-008_V

Is that the one in our neighborhood?

Nope.  Mom hasn’t seen him yet or you can bet she would be out there with the camera.

I guess we’ll just have to stay inside in the cool air for now.  I wonder if those angels would consider making some catnip brownies.  I could go for some right now!!!!

Well of course you would!!!

21 thoughts on “Neighborhood News

  1. Oh yes you boys stay in the house and away from those hawks! Before Gram and Gramps moved, Mom saw them take rabbits out of the yard! Stay safe guys!

  2. YOUR DECK IS LOVELY. iT SEEMS TO GET NICER each time I see it. Sorry about the shouting. Mom told me to knock it off, shouting wouldn’t get you to hear me any easier. You live too far away. Watch those hawks…they can’t be trusted. Stay where its cool until the hawks and heat die down.


  3. We’ve had a couple of cooler days so haven’t minded being out on the catio. You need to watch out for the hawk. They like to snack on kitties. The new deck sure is nice. Hope you get to go back outside very soon. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  4. We have hawks around here occasionally – in fact, a young (and rather stupid) one actually flew into our enclosed patio once when the door was left open! My human had a hard time getting her back out.

  5. Hi Kitties, your deck is great. You have dangerous happenings, too hot and a hawk. So inside is cool and safe, but the weather is changing and the hawks moves away, so everything is soon like it had to be.
    Have nice, cool days inside playing and napping!
    a cat in faraway Finland.

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