Mom’s Boss

From the Mom:  Hemingway and Shakespeare said I had to share this story around the world ‘cuz I’m so proud of Mike Nash, our General Manager, and the lucky little kitten who is now living with him and his family.

From Minneapolis Fox 9 News

By: Ted Haller

– A stowaway kitten made a remarkable trip to Minnesota before her consistent meowing kept the neighbors up on a Minneapolis street. In all, the cat likely spent two days and more than 200 miles hiding in a car.

The meowing began Thursday, when the relatives of a neighbor drove from South Dakota and parked their car on 11th Avenue; the pair then flew to Alaska. Shauna Sperber said her aunt and uncle first heard meows in South Dakota, but the sounds went away before they began driving from their farm near Brookings.

14 thoughts on “Mom’s Boss

  1. A paws…a paws… a paws…..kewlest storee ever guys…yur momz bozz rocks!! 984 high paws two him~~~~ thiz izza GRATE storee…purrhapz if him canna dee side on a name for de wee one him can take suggestionz from hiz co werkerz!!♥️♥️♥️

  2. Wow that kitten is lucky that your Mum’s boss heard the kitten meowing in the car and look forward to hearing the kitten’s name when he has chosen it.

  3. That baby is so darned cute!!!!! Go Mike!

    With warm regards,


    “A dream without a plan is just a wish” Joel Olsteen

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