I Survived……………Barely!!!!

“Here’s my story sad but true……….”

Notice that I don’t blend into Mom’s car like Hemingway. Also, Mom finds it necessary to put me in a carrier. I’m singing the “song of my people” here!
Mom, can’t you tell by my very big eyes that I don’t want to be at the doctor’s house? What kind of Mom are you?
Mom, can’t you tell by my helicopter ears and frown that I’m not happy?
I actually enjoyed this little basket, but if you notice, I’m still singing the “song of my people”.
Lady, don’t even think of trying to take my temperature. I know how that’s done!
I wonder if Hemingway went through all of this.
Here’s the Doctor Lady and she told me I was very handsome. Then she went and told Mom that I was too heavy and need to lose some weight. Well, if they wouldn’t have put my tail in this box on the scale, I would have been fine. I’m athletic and have a runner’s body. Doesn’t the Doctor Lady realize that?  Besides, I’m only 15.9 pounds so I’m 7 pounds lighter than Hemingway.  I deserve a treat for that!

21 thoughts on “I Survived……………Barely!!!!

  1. I am sorry you were tortured , but glad you are healthy. I bet the plastic box weighs 2 pounds- you are perfect.

  2. Wow, Hemingway’s HUGE! You aren’t that small either, Shakespeare. The heaviest cat here is Boodie and she is around 10 pounds. I’m only about 6-1/2.

  3. Goodness doesn’t the your Mom and the vet realise that your wonderful ginger fur weighs much more than your body does?

  4. Doesn’t your Mum or the vet realise that your fur is so lush and thick that it weighs more than your body does.

  5. Sadly, “Too heavy” is the song of many humans! Treat restriction is an ugly state of affairs… That aside – I think you were very brave the whole time, S.

    Love and licks,

  6. dood…de scale iz wrong coz de vet ladee kleer lee haz her hand on ewe….addin at leest 10 poundz,,,sew noe…ewe due KNOT knead a diet ~~

    heerz two a sand knifefish kinda week oh end guys !! ☺☺☺ ♥♥♥

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