120 thoughts on “RIP

  1. I am so sorry for your loss! Losing him was bad enough but to lose him that way makes even worse!

  2. There are no words that can ease your pain. Losing a pet as they pass with the vets help after a serious illness is heart-rending, having your fur baby’s life snatched so violently I can’t imagine your pain. Know there are a lot of animal loves out here sending healing thoughts your way as you hold those memories close.

  3. We did not know this handsome cat before today, and now he is gone. We know the grief is overwhelming when something tragic like this happens, and we do not know how our words can comfort you, but may it help to know that he was also loved by his many admirers who are grieving with you. Please reach out to your friends, who dearly care for you…

    “… Grieve not, nor think of me with tears. T’was heaven here with you”…

    1. Teri and the cats……what a nice comment. It is hard to not have Shakespeare here. However, I think Steinbeck is going to have his own unique comments on this big world he’s getting to know. Hugs to all of you…Pam (the Mom)

  4. I heard the bad news through Shoko and Kali my sweet friend. I’m so sorry to hear this. Just know that you are in our prayers. Sending you major hogs and snout kisses. XOXO – Bacon

  5. We lost Dash the same way. I am so very sorry SO SORRY you lost your lovely Shakespeare. Frankly, my words about the dog aren’t printable.

    Words are never enough, just know that a lot of friends and cat lovers grieve with you.

    1. All words help and I’ve learned through a tragedy what great people are blogging about their fur people. It was not what I wanted to happen but it did. I now have a new rescue and I’m sure Shakespeare chose him for me. I hope you keep reading about Steinbeck as he and Hemingway get acquainted.
      The Mom (Pam)

  6. We thought we left a comment the other day but must have done something wrong. We are sending you our purrs and prayers. We can not imagine the pain you are going through right now. Losing a furbaby is difficult enough but for it to be a tragedy like this makes it so much harder.

    The Florida Furkids and Mom Shaon

    1. Florida Furkids and Mom…….
      Thank you so much for your kind words and hugs. I have lots of grief and tears yet, but I did adopt a new rescue and he’s so much like Shakespeare that I think Shakespeare actually chose him for me.
      Hugs and purrs back
      The Mom (Pam)

  7. When I first heard, I hesitated to comment because I couldn’t find the words I needed to convey how I felt. I still can’t. My heart goes out to you and I only wish I could wrap you in a big hug and purr and purr and purr, heart-healing purrs. To have Shakespeare stolen from you in this way. So suddenly… It’s not fair.

    But Shakespeare will always be with you here on Earth, in your heart, and up in Heaven, he’ll be romping through the heavenly nip fields, chasing butterflies. Perhaps alongside my brother Nissy.


    1. Seville, it’s hard to say goodbye and there’s no need to fret about what words to say. Your hug and purrs mean so much. I hope you have found the continuing blogs that show the new little rescue that I’m sure Shakespeare picked out for me and Hemingway. Thanks so much for writing!
      The Mom (Pam) and Hemingway

  8. I am so terribly sorry to read this news. What a handsome cat, what a terrible tragedy. There are no words that can truly ease the pain, but hoping that knowing your fellow bloggers are surrounding you with a warm quilt of love and concern does keep you focused not on how you lost him, but how you lived with him. That is hard to do when something so terrible happens. The love that you shared will shine through and will sustain you, even though you won’t realize it for a period of time. Peace, dear Shakespeare. May your spirit soon shine through the darkness of the grief felt over your sudden passing.

    1. Oh what a nice note! I love the bloggers ‘cuz they have reached out and been so kind. It’s different without Shakespeare. However, I hope you have continued to read and realize that Shakespeare actually picked out a new rescue for me. His name is Steinbeck and he looks very much like Shakespeare did when he was young. Hemingway has accepted him quickly so I know it was meant to be.
      The Mom (Pam)

  9. OMG! I am so sorry! My heart aches for you. What a beautiful cat Shakespeare was. Words can’t begin to express my sadness for you. I pray that you heal quickly, and that you honor this beautiful kitty’s soul in a special way. His precious spirit will always walk at your side…

  10. We did not know Shakespeare but wish we had. We are so very sorry to hear about his tragic demise. We know how painful this must be for you. Thank you for loving him.
    With deepest condolences,
    Angel Normie, Angel Mika, Sasha & Grady Lewis

  11. Oh no oh no oh no!!!! I am so heartbroken right now!!!! I am so very very sorry that your sweet baby and our wonderful friend Shakespeare was taken from us all so tragically. I am devastated for you and Hemingway. Please accept my heartfelt condolences and sincere wishes that I could turn back time.
    Marty’s Mom

  12. Wee sendss purrss an purrayerss even now fur thee loss of Shakespeare!!!
    Mee iss scared of big doggies an reedin this mee iss even more scaredykat now….
    Lady Pam wee are berry sorry!!
    ~~head rubsss~~ Siddhartha Henry~~ an ((hugs)) LadyMum

      1. Deer Lady Pam when mee came to live with LadyMum shee had put NYLABLUE to sleep onlee 2 weekss befur…..an shee was what shee called a ‘hot mess’….an it was true!! Shee wood cry fur no reason an shee wood walk bye mee like mee was not even there!! Mee wundered what thee kat was goin on. Then mee saw her holdin Nylablue’ss ash box an meowin to her…an then shee held Mingflower’ss ash box….mee went to ~~head rub~~ LadyMum an fingss been getting better efurr since then. Shee meowss to mee a lot about ‘her gurlss’ an mee lissenss….mee finks Hemingway an Steinbeck are Purr-amedicss just like mee!!! 😉

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