Here I Am!!!!

Mom…… we really have to let this little critter write on the blog????
Mom…….is this food for me as well? It’s not??? Too late………I already ate some.
Hemingway won’t get mad if I play with his toys, will he?
This is fun!!! I could play with this all night.
I’m only letting you play with my toy ‘cuz Mom is watching. Don’t be stealing all my stuff!!!

The two pictures above are like deja vu.  The horizontal one is Steinbeck when he first discovered the refrigerator.  The vertical one is Shakespeare when he discovered the refrigerator.  I think this helps prove to me that Steinbeck was meant to be in our home…… spite of what Hemingway may think right now.  

36 thoughts on “Here I Am!!!!

  1. It does appear as if Steinbeck is channeling Shakespeare. We are certain that Hemingway and Steinbeck will become very best pals. He certainly is a cutie pie. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  2. haha…MOL, geesh, Steinbeck and Shakespeare were so similar as kittens. We got a great chuckle out of the food storage unit. The only one that was never interested was Kali. I jumped in on a shelf and wanted to be left there for a few hours. No go…mom found me. I know what its like being in Steinbeck’s paws. Being the newbee is never easy.

    Shoko and mom Jean

  3. OMC, you are right about Steinbeck! That is funny, how he discovered the fridge like Shakespeare. It’s not something every cat does – none of us here have been fridge cats.

  4. Amazing how closely little Steinbeck resembles Shakespeare at the same age…..I do think Shakespeare is “whispering in his ear” (!!) which is a comforting thought. I hope Hemingway will get used to this little bundle of energy sampling his food/stealing “his” toys….and probably leaping around and trying to play with him! I think it’s a good thing for everyone…..and we send all of you hugs.

    Pam and Sam

    1. Pam and Sammy, Hemingway is rapidly adjusting to this bundle of energy. I swear Steinbeck is worse than the Energizer Bunny! I’m excited to see what he looks like when his long fur grows as he gets older. However, there are already amazing similarities to Shakespeare…….like, FOOD!!! 🙂

  5. Hemingway, we can’t begin to fathom the pain and confusion you must feel at the loss of your buddy ! Please know that your human loves you and little Steinbeck very much, and also will love Shakespeare very much – til the end of time ! Right now that tiny boy needs you and your Mama as much as you need him, though you and Steinbeck may not know it !
    Purrayers and POTP to all of you !

    1. Hemingway here…..I have been confused lately. How come Shakespeare shrunk so much? Was he out in the rain? I’m getting used to this little guy and I think we’re going to have lots of fun! Thanks for writing to us.
      The Mom (Pam), Hemingway and Steinbeck

  6. Pam, I was devastated when I read about Shakespeare. Thank you so much for being able to see through your grief to help another small life that needed a home. I’m sure Steinbeck will be a huge help in the healing process. I look forward to reading about his antics as he grows up. Your posts are always a bright spot in my day.

    1. Thanks for the kind words and compliments. I appreciate it so much. I know Shakespeare would have wanted me to rescue another kitty and I really feel he led me to this one. It’s going to be fun watching him grow.

  7. MOL Oh Hemingway, me is right there with ya’ big guy. These younuns think they can do whatever they want, whenever they want. Ya’ know sharin’ with me’s sis Lexi was one thing, but this little innerloper is a whole ‘nother. ME just doesn’t know. Maybe you and mke could figger out a way to move them along to like, another furever home. Just don’t tell da mommies. MOL

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

    1. Hemingway here….the little “spitfire” is so active! I wonder if I was that active when I was young. Mom said I did get into lots of trouble when I was little. However, we all know that humans don’t tell the truth! MOL

      1. Me agrees Hemingway. Me knows fur sure me wasn’t nearly as rude and all over and in everythin’ when me was young. Hmmpht These younguns, they’re gonna give us a run fur our furs.

        Luv ya’

        Dezi and Raena

  8. The fridge pics are proof positive that Shakespeare lives in Steinbeck’s belly. Mom always says her old dog Smoki helped her pick me out the week after she went to the bridge. She says Smoki lives in my belly, now, and she gives me lots of belly kisses. In my shelter ID picture I was standing with my 3 puppies that looked exactly like Smoki!

    Love and licks,

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