I Hate Tuesdays!


Be it known by all my readers.  This is NOT my happy face!  The day started out just fine.  Hemingway and I had breakfast and then we had time to romp around while Mom got ready for work.  Then Mom left for work and she didn’t realize that she had shut me in the bathroom!  All day in the bathroom with NO toys, NO food and NO litter box.  I was a wreck.  When I finally heard Mom come home I started yelling like crazy.  She heard me and came and opened the door and she and Hemingway were laughing!  I told her in no uncertain terms that I didn’t enjoy my day at all.

Know what happened next?  She got out my carrier and put me in it.  Oh no!!!  I didn’t realize that I had to go see the doctor lady again.  Nobody told me.  I “sang” all the way to the doctor lady’s place.  I even made up some words ‘cuz I was so mad.  Mom told me I was going to be a horse when I got there.  That’s silly.  I’m never going to be a horse.


The good news is that I checked out just fine.  They all said I was healthy and really adorable.  I now weigh 3.4 pounds so I’m gaining like crazy.  They gave me some shots and cleaned my ears again.  The doctor lady said I was unbelievably good when they cleaned my ears.  Mom was so proud of me.  Well, I’m going to take a nap now.   zzzzzzzzzzzz


I had a MARVELOUS day!!!!