Vacation’s Over………


Yesterday was so nice.  I had the whole house to myself and I could nap anywhere.  Of course I did have to listen to the Little Squirt singing the song of his people ALL DAY!  He didn’t stop until Mom got home and then he really chewed her out.  I stayed in the other room ‘cuz I thought he was going to blame me for his jail time.


Now here he is trying to look all cute and cuddly.  If you notice, I have my tongue out.  Yes, I’m giving him the raspberry.  I didn’t know what that was until Mom explained after she saw what I was doing in the picture.

Yes, I’m afraid things are back to normal.  He kept following me around all day and now I’m going to have to go to bed early ‘cuz I’m so tired.  I can only hope that he wore himself out as well.