Hemingway, Shakespeare and Steinbeck all have lots in common.  As Steinbeck is growing, I’m seeing more and more of Shakespeare in him.  That just gives me confidence that Shakespeare chose this little guy for us.


Shakespeare loved to sleep on top of the computer desk.  H always had his feet hanging over the edge and I used to laugh at his “fluffy” toes!


Hemingway takes more of the professor pose on top of the computer desk.  H figures he can get my attention if he’s up there.


Now Steinbeck has discovered that this a great place.  Notice how is fur is starting to fluff out more?  My little one is growing!

23 thoughts on “Traditions

  1. Mr Midnight, Sir Winston and myself love your kitties. Hemingway looks so astute, Shakespere so chilled and one just wants to cuddle Steinbeck. Best regards fromt he “Gilmours Nice Place ” blog. Meow from Mr Midnight, purr purr from Sir Winston and thank you from myself for posting. 🙂

      1. We´ve just “followed you” so that we won´t lose touch with you (although we are not purrmanently blogging all the time. Again, thanks for the reply.

  2. Oh, the little one is growing so fast.
    Yes, the traditions, we had the same feeling with Kosmo, he just came in and did everything like Viiru, who had left us about one month earlier. It feels sometimes strange, but here is this world we see and also the other world we don’t know.

  3. Steinbeck is gorgeous and adorable all rolled into one and I think that he and Hemingway are going to be BEST BUDDIES…….I too believe Shakespeare sent Steinbeck to “carry on” for him……and he’s “coaching” him from afar……Steinbeck’s floof is getting floofier every day!

    Love, Sammy

  4. They are all gawjus. We believe when a kitty chooses their purrson, it’s fur a reason, and dat they fur sure belong together furever. Have a great day loungin’ on da desk boys.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

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