Hemingway, when I close my eyes I start thinking about all sorts of things.  For instance, have you ever wondered why they call today Thursday?


I can’t really say that the question has kept me from sleep!  What made you start thinking of that?

Well, you know my little kitten brain is always picking up new things….

….you mean strange things….

Are you going to let me talk?

Go ahead……yawn….

Now, I have a couple of ideas on why this day is called Thursday.  First of all, I think the humans were saying “This Here Day” and they started getting sloppy with the way they pronounced it and eventually it became Thursday.

Hate to say it but you might be on to something there.

My other idea is that it was supposed to be called “Thirsty Day” and once again the humans got sloppy and “ta da”……….it became Thursday.

Little one, I must admit you do some creative thinking.  Now will you leave me alone so I can take a nap?

Monday Musings from a Little Mind

Mom brought in a new plant for me.  Hemingway told me that when it starts getting cold outside she starts bringing in some plants and we get to prune them.

I did not say that!  We are supposed to stay away from them.

Well, I find it rather interesting to explore these new toys.

Steinbeck, Mom sees you!

No problem. I’ve got this all figured out. Mom can’t see me ‘cuz I have my eyes shut!!!! MOL!!!!

Hemingway, I have another question.  What happened to all the trees outside?  Did all the rain make them rust?  Why aren’t they green?

It’s fall, Steinbeck.  The leaves around here change color in the fall.

I think they should be that color all the time.


I watched Mom taking this picture in the back yard when she got home from work.  She said it would make a good jigsaw puzzle.

What’s that?

Well, the biggest puzzle in this house is you!!!  MOL!!!

Mom…..I think Hemingway is being mean.

Deja vu x2

The Mom talks:

A long time ago, my mother painted this picture of a kitty.


We didn’t have a kitty like this at the time so I don’t know why she chose this color.  Back in January 2012, I shared this painting along with a picture of Shakespeare.  I was amazed that Mom knew so much about my future.  Mom never got to meet Shakespeare or Steinbeck, but she must have known they would eventually be part of my life.


Above is a picture of Shakespeare when he was a kitten and he reminded me of Mom’s painting.


Steinbeck looks even more like the painting Mom did so many years ago.  I wish she could see this now.

A little spooky, but oh so cool!!!

The Destruction of a Beautiful Fall Night

Mom got home a little early tonight so I begged her to let me go outside.  She said since it was such a lovely day and I had been good, I could go out and play for a bit.  There I was just surveying my domain and loving being Steinbeck-free.  Suddenly my world changed!



Hey Mom……..what’s all this stuff on the deck?  Did Hemingway make a mess?


Look at the pretty color!!!  Do you think our friend Quint from Colehaus Cats would be interested in using this color in one of his paintings?


Mom, should I try to glue some of these leaves back on the trees?

Oh, please do!  That will keep you busy forever!


Mom, some of these leaves are the same color as me!  Isn’t that fascinating?

Are you going back inside now?

Monday Night Wrestling

From the Mom:  When I was growing up, I was the only one in the family who could not stand to watch wrestling or boxing.  My dad absolutely loved to watch and was usually laughing.  I still can’t stand boxing or wrestling but must admit it’s kind of funny with these two.   I wonder what Dad would think of these wrestling matches…..dsc_0465Whatever you’re thinking of doing, Steinbeck…………DON’T!!!!

dsc_0462Hemingway, I just want to give you a hug……..sorta!!!

dsc_0464MOM!!!!!!!!!  Steinbeck has some of my beautiful fur on his tooth!!!  He’s not being nice!!!  Please lock him in the bathroom!

dsc_0460Steinbeck………Mom says to go get in the bathroom and leave me alone!!!