From the Mom:  I am noticing more and more that Steinbeck is Shakespeare reincarnated.  He does so many things that Shakespeare used to do.  It’s kind of spooky at times!  Here’s just one example.


This was Shakespeare showing off how he had managed to get the bag of food open on his own!


Caught in the act!  I wasn’t sure what Steinbeck was doing.  I kept hearing paper rustling and I finally went to check.  There he was, in the grocery bag working like crazy.


This is the result of all his work!  Yes, Shakespeare would be so proud!!!  It even looks like the hole Shakespeare put in his bag of food!!!


21 thoughts on “Busted!

  1. Well we don’t believe in reincarnation, and we believe dat each kitty has their own unique purrsonalities. And we also know dat kittens seem to think they’re always hungry and dat everythin’ belongs to them. At da moment we can’t think of anythin’ dat Raena hasn’t inspected, chewed on, scratched or examined. Just da nature of a kitten. Speakin’ of…Raena, get outta dat treat bowl. Gotta go.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

    1. Not to worry………Mom says that I’m very unique, but I do have some of Shakespeare’s traits and some of Hemingway’s. However what we really think is happening is that we’re all picking up the same traits from MOM!!

  2. The Persians (humans, not cats) believed that when you got a new cat after the death of another one, the one that had passed on lingered to help the new one.

  3. What a lovely post. Dear little Shakespeare. We’ve often thought our cat Blossum is a lot like our last dog Buddy. She eats too much and when she’s not eating, she’s begging for food. Also, she likes tummy rubs which is a little odd for a cat I think. I sewed them a giant kitty pillow and she loves it. Our Buddy, loved his pillow too and spent as much time as possible snoozing there.

    1. Hemingway loves tummy rubs and is always asking for them. I’m not as quick to do that but I do love to be held and petted. Oh, and Shakespeare was the kitty that went over the Rainbow Bridge just before I came. My name is Steinbeck but I know it’s easy to get confused since I’m so much like he was. Mom loves you kind thoughts and words.
      Tiny purrs……..Steinbeck

      1. Thanks for your reply little Steinbeck. I was just reminicing about little Shakespeare there when I typed that. Thinking of his little sweet soul. xo B

      2. Mom told me that’s what you might have been doing but I wasn’t sure. I’m still little and I don’t always understand. I wish I could have met Shakespeare. Mom says he was really awesome. Thanks for your caring thoughts! 🙂
        Tiny purrs……..Steinbeck

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