The Destruction of a Beautiful Fall Night

Mom got home a little early tonight so I begged her to let me go outside.  She said since it was such a lovely day and I had been good, I could go out and play for a bit.  There I was just surveying my domain and loving being Steinbeck-free.  Suddenly my world changed!



Hey Mom……..what’s all this stuff on the deck?  Did Hemingway make a mess?


Look at the pretty color!!!  Do you think our friend Quint from Colehaus Cats would be interested in using this color in one of his paintings?


Mom, should I try to glue some of these leaves back on the trees?

Oh, please do!  That will keep you busy forever!


Mom, some of these leaves are the same color as me!  Isn’t that fascinating?

Are you going back inside now?

16 thoughts on “The Destruction of a Beautiful Fall Night

    1. Oh, we get tons of snow! Sometimes it comes as early as October and stays until April. So far this year we’ve had a mild October and haven’t even had a frost yet. Mom’s very happy!!!
      Giant purrs…….Hemingway
      Tiny purrs…….Steinbeck

  1. Oh the whole world is so desperately INTERESTING when you’re a kitten. In time he will settle down……and QUIETLY enjoy stuff and you can QUIETLY enjoy napping again Hemingway without being pestered!

    Hugs, Sammy

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