Hemingway, when I close my eyes I start thinking about all sorts of things.  For instance, have you ever wondered why they call today Thursday?


I can’t really say that the question has kept me from sleep!  What made you start thinking of that?

Well, you know my little kitten brain is always picking up new things….

….you mean strange things….

Are you going to let me talk?

Go ahead……yawn….

Now, I have a couple of ideas on why this day is called Thursday.  First of all, I think the humans were saying “This Here Day” and they started getting sloppy with the way they pronounced it and eventually it became Thursday.

Hate to say it but you might be on to something there.

My other idea is that it was supposed to be called “Thirsty Day” and once again the humans got sloppy and “ta da”……….it became Thursday.

Little one, I must admit you do some creative thinking.  Now will you leave me alone so I can take a nap?

10 thoughts on “Words…..

  1. Why don’t you take a nap Steinbeck as we’d hate it if you had to try and stay awake to start thinking.

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