Sunday Dreaming Selfie

I’m just relaxing today and waiting for the football game to start.  Then I might have to hide.  Mom tends to start shouting when she gets excited or upset when watching the game.  I don’t get it so I Just let her be.  I’m guessing it’s a human thing.


Go Vikings!!!!

Visit my other friends to see what their selfies look like.  You’ll really like them!


28 thoughts on “Sunday Dreaming Selfie

  1. My human doesn’t watch sports, so we don’t have to deal with that here. But she LOVES comedies and funny movies, and she does not have the most pleasant laugh. I don’t mind it as much, but Sparkle used to run away when my human began laughing!

  2. No television of any sort in this house, but we do through a lot of movies and they can be a bit noisy, so I turn the volume down and let peep sleep through them. Lovely selfie, Steinbeck, looks like you hanging with the peep, literally! MOL. purrs ERin

    1. Hi Nacho and Noah!!! We’re so happy to see you again and hear you squeak! We are both doing fine. Mom misses Shakespeare but she’s happy the Steinbeck came to live with us.
      Giant purrs……Hemingway
      Tiny purrs…….Steinbeck

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