MOM!!!! Please Explain………..


MOM!!!  I’ve been thinking and thinking and my brain is really sore.  I just can’t figure out what happened.  It started off as a normal morning and then I looked outside!


Where did all the color go?  What is all that white stuff?  Did the angels have a big pillow fight and all their pillows exploded?  Were they busy baking pumpkin pies and spilled flour everywhere?  Did Hemingway do something he wasn’t supposed to do?  Did we move?  I thought so long and hard about this that I almost made myself sick!


33 thoughts on “MOM!!!! Please Explain………..

    1. Hey Dezi and Raena…..Mom says we usually have quite a bit of snow by now so it’s late this year. She’s fine with that. She said this will probably all melt so then there will be some colors again.
      Giant purrs…….Hemingway
      Tiny purrs…….Steinbeck

  1. Hey there Steinbeck. We had similar thoughts the first time we saw snow. God had dandruff. Angels are sweeping the dust off the clouds. You know the stuff we mean. When we walked in it, we knew it was cold and wet. It was neither dandruff or dust. It was frozen water. EEEk..

    Shoko and Kali

    1. Shoko and Kali, I already know about snow and I’ve even walked in it but Steinbeck doesn’t know anything about it. He loves water so he might have fun in the snow. He’s just that strange. MOL!!!
      Giant purrs………Hemingway

  2. The most important thing to think about is how to keep warm indoors, Steinbeck. Maybe Mom or Hemingway or both, will give you a nice warm cuddle. Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Oh Steinbeck don’t you worry little guy……that stuff is called SNOW and it’s cold on your feets and nose but kind of fun to play in. When I was your age I used to go outside and play in it anyway. These days I like to be INSIDE in the warm just watching it though. Hemingway will tell you about it I’m sure. Big brothers are good at explaining stuff!

    Hugs, Sammy

  4. Mee-you Steinbeck mee toe-tallee undserstandss what yur goin thru’!! Mee was like this 2 yearss ago till LadyMum xplained it iss a seeson called Winter. It comes around efurry Novemburr or Decemburr with snow (the white stuff) an chillyness an cold North wind…..
    It iss a part of thee 4 seesonss which mee finkss are: Too Rainy an Kewl; Too Katfish HOT; Just Rite an then Stew-pid Winter…..
    Mee hopess that xplainss fingss fur you mee furend!
    **nose bumpsss** Siddhartha Henry xxx

      1. Mew mew mew LadyMum has said that here all so. Beecause inn thee sorta ‘good’ weather thee roadss get torn uppy an fixed an lotss of pavin (so-o noisey!)
        Wee have 4 seesonss butt they can get all confused an wee have Spring inn Winter an Autumm inn Summer… iss just weerd Steinbeck!! 😉

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