Mom’s Observations

I’m sure the boys are going to be upset with me but we’re not doing Caturday Art today.  There’s something else I would like to share with their readers.  All along I’ve felt that Steinbeck was a very special replacement for Shakespeare.  Of course Hemingway is just plain special!  (Can’t have any jealousy problems!)

Steinbeck, I just love that fluffy tummy and those little pink paws!!!

When people have come to the house, Steinbeck has been a little scared.  He eventually warms up, but it takes a bit of time.  Shakespeare would eventually come and talk to most people and he would let them pet him but that’s all.  My sister, Marsha, is a special adult.  We always have her come home for family events, including Thanksgiving.  I had told her that Shakespeare was gone and that I had a new kitty so I was anxious to see how they reacted to each other.  She had lost her kitty about a year ago.  Scout had come from the Animal Humane Society where Marsha often volunteers.  She goes over and pets the kitties and brushes them.  That’s how she met Scout and ended up adopting her.  Of course both of mine are also from the Humane Society and Marsha talks about that all the time.  Now Steinbeck is all kitten and he has sharp claws and teeth.  I knew Marsha wouldn’t like that.  I had a long talk with Steinbeck and told him to to hurt Marsha.  I also warned Marsha.  Silly me!!!

dsc_0675Marsha walked into the house and sat down and look who jumped up in her lap right away!  I couldn’t believe it.  Steinbeck walks all over me but he doesn’t often settle down in my lap!  Those two were buddies right away!  Marsha hadn’t been able to get close to Shakespeare like that ‘cuz Shakespeare was always very independent.  Steinbeck is different.

dsc_0674Marsha loved picking up Steinbeck and holding him and he loved it, too.  Hemingway is too heavy for Marsha to pick up so this little ball of fur was perfect for her.  She got a real dose of kitten time and it was fun watching those two.

Steinbeck adapted to Marsha instantly.  It was as if he knew she was special and that she was a gentle soul.  I’m so amazed by animals all the time, but this happened right in front of my eyes and in my home.  I’ll never forget!!!