Caturday Art

Mom said I get to post my Caturday Art today since she forgot that yesterday was my special day.  Yep!  I am now six months old!!  Mom can’t believe how fast I’m growing.

I can’t believe that you aren’t getting any smarter!

Hemingway, that’s not nice.  I can’t believe you’re getting chunkier!


Sorry, Hemingway….

Sorry, Steinbeck…..

Anyway, here’s my picture for Caturday  Art.


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Caturday Art

20 thoughts on “Caturday Art

    1. Kosmo, thanks for saying I look almost adult! Mom keeps telling me not to grow up ‘cuz she likes me little and Hemingway keeps telling me to hurry up and grow up so I’m not a pest. I don’t know what to do!!
      Tiny purrs………Steinbeck

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