Sunday Selfie Blog Hop

Mom said we could share our selfie spot with a visitor today.  He was sitting in the neighbor’s tree behind our house.  That’s why Mom said we could not go outside.  She said he sat there for a long time watching the humans staring at him and taking pictures.  Mom said he is so awesome!


Don’t forget to check out our other friends at the Blog Hop.  We are so sorry to hear that beloved Fiona has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  She’s one of our friends at Kitties Blue and it’s her Mom who started this Blog Hop.  We have tears in our eyes, but love in our hearts.  So many fur pals are leaving us, but now they fly like eagles and have no pain.



25 thoughts on “Sunday Selfie Blog Hop

  1. What a beeuteefull Eagle Hemingway an Steinbeck!!!
    Now Easy an Unccle Sammy an Fiona have their ‘wingss’ an they will soar free inn Pure Land an watch over us……
    Luvley tribute mee furendss.
    ~~~head rubsss~~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~

  2. Eagles are so beautiful…..and yes, Sammy is flying like an eagle now and loving every minute of it! We are sure Fiona and Sam are having a good hug now over the Bridge…………..

    Love, Pam

  3. Beautiful picture of the Bald-Headed Eagle. Such majestic looking birds. We see them fairly frequently up here. When they take flight the wing span is unbelievable and so graceful. They definitely can do some damage to kittens,= so best stay away from them guys.

    Shoko and Mom Jean

  4. Wow you have a bald eagle as a friend! That is pawsome.
    Oh yes it has been a hard week and we are so sad for our friends.

  5. Ok, sounds like I wont be chasing that guy from the hedgerow, and I’m fairly certain that peep would not wish me to bring one home for supper! Stay safe and have a great (eagle free) week! purrs ERin

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