Oh What Mom Did!

We’re sorry, but we’re just laughing like crazy over Mom!  We didn’t laugh at the time, but we’re sure laughing now and Mom says it’s okay and she even said we could share it with our readers.


I was sleeping very soundly right in the middle of Mom’s bed.


And I was sleeping soundly on top of Mom’s head.

Suddenly I felt Mom moving.  I was afraid she was having one of those “catmares” that we kitties have at night.  I woke up and just as I opened my eyes, Mom went tumbling off the bed!!!

I had a good grasp on her head, but I couldn’t hold on.  Next thing we knew, Mom was on the floor!!

We looked down at her to make sure she was okay.  She didn’t move for a while so we were worried.

Then she looked up at us on the bed, staring down at her and she started laughing!!!  Can you believe it?  She was lying on the floor laughing.

Sometimes we just don’t understand Mom!

Note from Mom:  Yes, the above story is true!  I’m thinking that the boys kicked me out of bed.  Luckily I wasn’t hurt and was just a little sore the next day.  Oh, and to answer your next question………I don’t drink.


I’m giggling behind my paw, and Mom says it’s fine if the rest of you have a little giggle fit, too.  After all, she was on the floor laughing herself!

45 thoughts on “Oh What Mom Did!

  1. Holy smokes! I’m glad you are okay and that you don’t sleep next to sharp objects! And I’m glad you have your kitties there to help you maintain your sense of humor about the whole thing. That would be hard for a vain person like me!

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

    1. Jean,
      I am just fine and it was actually kind of funny. I managed to just go flying off the edge and land in the right spot on the floor. I had to laugh about it so the boys wouldn’t worry. 🙂
      Pam (the Mom)

  2. Mee-you what iss happenin to our Mumma’ss??? Mee LadyMum fell 2 Katurday nitess’ ago an shee was down fur 1 1/2 hourss….shee did not find it funny…..mind you shee got herted!
    Mee hopes yur Mumma iss OK an it iss sorta funny shee tumbulled out of bed….so here iss a song fur youss’:

    Hope this makess yur Mumma laff sum more!
    **nose rubsss** Siddhartha Henry xxx

      1. It had been a few months since her last wipe out….mee stayed with her thee hole time till shee could stand uppy! Then shee tooked her meddysin an went to bed so mee watched over her til shee fell asleep….

  3. Uhoh…..well that would be worth a bit of a giggle for sure but I’m glad she didn’t really hurt herself! Now tell the truth – – did you guys hog so much of the bed she was on the edge and just ran out of space???????????

    Love, Pam and Angel Sam

  4. Hemingway, the laughing behind the paw is what really made us laugh. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  5. Oh my goodness! I actually snorted chai all over myself reading this. Too funny. Hope your mum is okay now. Thanks for swinging by the Ranch and for the follow. We 💗 visitors, especially ones that make us laugh!

  6. Hi H & S. Of course you didn’t understand your Mom laughing at herself. Cats never, ever do that. I had a cat that would tear so fast through a room that she would miss the doorway and bounce off the wall. The first thing she would do was look around to see if anyone had witnessed this ignoble moment.

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