Two Cat Night


Hemingway, I get concerned when Mom has to go outside in the cold.

Don’t worry, Little One.  Mom has lived in Minnesota for many, many, many, many years and she can handle the cold…..even if she doesn’t like it.

But this morning we had less than no temperature.  There was a – sign in front of the temperature.  So why did the angels steal so many temperatures that they put us in the hole.

I don’t know.

And did you say what they did outside?  They spilled flour all over the place!



Steinbeck, that’s snow.  I think I’ve told you about it before but you keep forgetting.  It’s cold and you don’t want to put your paws in it.  Don’t worry, the sun will eventually melt it but it will be many months now before that happens.

But won’t the angels have to give us back some of those temperatures?


Teaching Steinbeck is so hard.  I need to take a nap and try and recover.


I’ll just stay in this sun puddle and try to get warm.  Are we going to have another two cat night?

Steinbeck, you better explain to your readers what you’re talking about.

Well, last night we were concerned that Mom might get cold during the night so both of us slept on her head.  She told us it was a two cat night.  Maybe we should call some of our friends to come join us since it’s going to be even colder tonight!

14 thoughts on “Two Cat Night

  1. I hope those temperature degrees come back soon. In the meantime, 2 kitties on your mom’s head sound like a perfect solution.

    Love and licks,

  2. Wow, it gets REALLY cold where you are! Right now, we are somewhere where the temperatures are in the – column, but here it’s measured in centigrade, which I gather means it is way warmer here than where you guys are. BTW, I met snow today. I was not impressed.

  3. Hemingway you know kids have lots of questions – ALL THE TIME – just be patient and soon he’ll start figuring out stuff on his own! As for inviting friends to visit and keep you and Steinbeck company on Mom’s head at night…..something tells me that might not be a good idea. Just sayin’ …..

    Love, Angel Sammy

  4. Steinbeck wee have thee ‘-‘ inn front of our tempss all so! An wee have 4 FEET of snow here…..Mee did a new bloggie post if you want to zoomie over an visit!
    An ‘Two Kat Nite’ iss way kewl…LadyMum sayss there was a band called ‘Three Dog Nite” many yearss ago; they got their name frum a teem of Huskiess…..kewl huh???
    An Hemingway wee young oness need ALOT of guydance! 😉
    ***nose rubsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

    1. Mom says she knows about “Three Dog Night” and how they got their name and that’s why she had “Two Cat Night” for us. Mom will check out your new cold post. We don’t have that much snow but we do have close to a foot of snow already!

      1. BBBRRRR iss rite Hemingway an Steinbeck. it iss -20 or sum such numburr an mee wood not even put a paw outside today!!! NOOOOOO way!!!!
        An our Mumma’ss sure know their musick. LadyMum askss what iss yur Mumma’ss fave Three Dog Nite song? LadyMum’ss iss “Eli’ss Comin”/////it sure doess ROCK! ;0

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