Friday Fun

Mom didn’t go to work today so she got to see what our normal day is like.

Of course we didn’t show her all the naughty things we do.

What do you mean we?  Seems she’s always saying, “Steinbeck, NO!”


Of course we spend lots of the day playing.  I like to think I don’t cost Mom much money ‘cuz I love to play with empty boxes, empty bags and of course the stay pieces of paper things I may find.


After Steinbeck dumps all of toys out of the toy basket, I like to grab my favorite carrot and play with that.

Of course most of our day is spent with me trying to defend my rights as King of the House!  The little one thinks he can beat me up, but obviously he has lots to learn.

Wanna bet?????

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After our “slappy paw” dances, we usually settle down for a long nap so we can be ready to greet Mom when she comes home from work.


I try to find a spot by myself so I can get some good zzzz’s in!


I’ll sleep pretty much anywhere… long as I can keep an eye on things!!



Oh What Mom Did!

We’re sorry, but we’re just laughing like crazy over Mom!  We didn’t laugh at the time, but we’re sure laughing now and Mom says it’s okay and she even said we could share it with our readers.


I was sleeping very soundly right in the middle of Mom’s bed.


And I was sleeping soundly on top of Mom’s head.

Suddenly I felt Mom moving.  I was afraid she was having one of those “catmares” that we kitties have at night.  I woke up and just as I opened my eyes, Mom went tumbling off the bed!!!

I had a good grasp on her head, but I couldn’t hold on.  Next thing we knew, Mom was on the floor!!

We looked down at her to make sure she was okay.  She didn’t move for a while so we were worried.

Then she looked up at us on the bed, staring down at her and she started laughing!!!  Can you believe it?  She was lying on the floor laughing.

Sometimes we just don’t understand Mom!

Note from Mom:  Yes, the above story is true!  I’m thinking that the boys kicked me out of bed.  Luckily I wasn’t hurt and was just a little sore the next day.  Oh, and to answer your next question………I don’t drink.


I’m giggling behind my paw, and Mom says it’s fine if the rest of you have a little giggle fit, too.  After all, she was on the floor laughing herself!

Sunday Selfie Blog Hop

Mom said we could share our selfie spot with a visitor today.  He was sitting in the neighbor’s tree behind our house.  That’s why Mom said we could not go outside.  She said he sat there for a long time watching the humans staring at him and taking pictures.  Mom said he is so awesome!


Don’t forget to check out our other friends at the Blog Hop.  We are so sorry to hear that beloved Fiona has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  She’s one of our friends at Kitties Blue and it’s her Mom who started this Blog Hop.  We have tears in our eyes, but love in our hearts.  So many fur pals are leaving us, but now they fly like eagles and have no pain.



Caturday Art

Mom said I get to post my Caturday Art today since she forgot that yesterday was my special day.  Yep!  I am now six months old!!  Mom can’t believe how fast I’m growing.

I can’t believe that you aren’t getting any smarter!

Hemingway, that’s not nice.  I can’t believe you’re getting chunkier!


Sorry, Hemingway….

Sorry, Steinbeck…..

Anyway, here’s my picture for Caturday  Art.


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Caturday Art