Sometimes You Can’t Train Humans

Guess what Mom did!  She forgot to share with everyone that is was my seven months birthday and it was TWO DAYS AGO!!!!!  She claims that after all the hustle and bustle of Christmas and New Years, she was tired and needed to take a break from the computer.  Likely story.  I’m thinking she just let my special day get away from her.

Well, she left the ‘puter on for a bit and I carefully crept over and posted my own Monthly Birthday Salute!  I’m seven months….and a couple of days…  Mom said I’m over half-way to becoming an adult kitty.  Hemingway claims I’m much further away but he’s my big brother so what can I say?!

Here’s my celebration photo.


I’m trying to count seven on my paws but I keep getting confused! Thanks for helping me celebrate, even if I am almost eight months old now!!!

From the Mom:  I remembered the day of his seven month birthday but I chose not to even turn the computer on that day.  Steinbeck, we have to work a little on that patience thing, don’t we?  Oh, and don’t be messing with my computer when I’m not around.  Happy Seven Months Birthday, little one.

46 thoughts on “Sometimes You Can’t Train Humans

  1. WHAT?! She forgot? Oh no she didn’t! Oh, your mom chose to turn the computer off that day? Oh dear friend – I relate to that. Mom has “No technology” days here at the Hotel Thompson sometimes. I say Happy 7th month birthday friend!! XOXO – Bacon

  2. Happy 7 month day Steinbeck!!
    An Happy 8 month day Steinbeck…..
    An trust mee tryin to count on yur pawss ISS confusin…..
    Mee countss to 5 an then startss over an then LadyMum addss it uppy fur mee…..
    Mee can count to 20 now!
    **nose bumpsss** Siddhartha henry xxxx

      1. Steinbeck mee iss now 2 1/2 yeerss old so mee had to leern stuff. LadyMum showed mee how count on mee clawss like Hu’manss count on their fingerss…purrty kewl rite??? 😉

  3. It is hard to believe you are seven months already little Mancat! You are going to run out of toes soon MOL!

      1. Awww, I wish. My dear hubby is very allergic, and I wouldn’t trade him for anything not even a cat. (Well, maybe a good schnauzer, LOL!)

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