Whacha’ Mean, Mom?

Mom says I’m a night owl.  That has me confused.  My feet might fit a limb, if it was a really big one.  However, an owl has feathers and there’s no way anyone can call my fur feathers!  Maybe it’s my big eyes!

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Mom also says my internal clock is in a different time zone.  How can something that’s insideinternal-clock of me be in another time zone from Mom and my outside body?  I find this all very confusing.  Just because I want to make sure that Mom wakes up in plenty of time to make sure we get breakfast, doesn’t mean my internal clock is broken.  By the way, what does an internal clock look like and where is it located?  I wonder if Steinbeck’s is the same as mine.


Then shleap-froge complained about me playing Leap Frog across her head last night.  I’m not green and I sure don’t look like this guy!!!  Maybe I was jumping back and forth across her head, but that doesn’t make me a frog!



For the life of me, I just can’t figure out humans?  Can any of you readers help me???

Oh, in case you were wondering,


I got plenty of sleep so I don’t know what Mom was complaining about!!!

12 thoughts on “Whacha’ Mean, Mom?

  1. Hemmingway, you have the eyes of a predator. A beautiful predator. Your Mom uses something called metaphors to describe your behavior. Hmm, that didn’t help, did it?

  2. Humans really just don’t “get” us sometimes do they Hemingway. We are like jungle panthers in the night – stealthy and secretive – moving through the dark…..landing on human heads if necessary – running down hallways and stalking. WE ARE CATS after all! Geeeesh! I hope you’re teaching Steinbeck all these moves……?!

    Hugs, Angel Sammy

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