Weekends are Rough

We have so much work to do on weekends.  We don’t think humans understand how hard it is on us.

For one thing, there’s the matter of our meals.  They are very important to us……….especially me!

You see, during the week Mom’s brother gets up first and he always feeds us.  As soon as we hear his door open, we go rushing out to the kitchen.  That’s the time we are supposed to have our breakfast.

Mom doesn’t get it on weekends.  She thinks it’s just fine for her to sleep in and not give us breakfast on our time.

Sometimes she fools us and gets up real early and heads out her door.  But then she turns around and runs back in, leaving us shut out of her room.  We have to try our best meowing and scratching at the door and even sometimes putting our paws under the door to see if we can wake her up.

People, please don’t worry ‘cuz we always get our breakfast.

Then there’s all the activity during the day.  Mom seems to think it’s just fine to run that noisy machine and dust and move things around.

Doesn’t she realize that we need our rest.

After all, it was lots of work getting her to wake up in the first place.

We still haven’t trained her about our evening meal.  if she’s home, there’s no reason she can’t give it to us a little early.  We’re working on training her.

We start doing naughty things to get her attention and then she gives up and fixes us our supper.

All that work on the weekends.

No wonder we’re exhausted!



21 thoughts on “Weekends are Rough

  1. Wow – no wonder you never get enough sleep – here’s hoping your Mom will let you take a long rest tomorrow..

  2. Guys this is truly worse than I could imagine. You definitely need to get you mom trained for weekends too, and maybe insist on lighter duties for yourself, maybe longer nap times and increase in appetite stimulants, like extra breakfasts and lunch and supper. As to the cleaning, well I have to admit I haven’t as yet found a cure…. Have a lovely week. Purrs, ERin

  3. Weekends are rough. Especially when the closet monster comes out to clean the floors! Thank goodness our Mom gets up at the same time every day because of Breezy so we get our stinky goodness treat within the same 1/2 hr ever day 🙂

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