New Name

Mom said that I am “curiosity catified”.  I have no idea what she means.

She means you are nosy and into everything.



Here I am contemplating the situation.  There’s something up there that has captured my attention!


Look Mom!!!  I can almost reach it……


When Mom saw this pose, she changed my name!  I am now Steinbear the Magnificent!!


I live with an idiot!

30 thoughts on “New Name

  1. Kittens find EVERYTHING interesting…..even dust….I know it’s not easy living with it Hemingway but just remember, at least while he’s pursuing invisible prey he’s not bugging you!

    Hugs, Angel Sammy

      1. I know what you mean….fortunately when I’m visiting my family and catching a nap Teddy can’t SEE me or he’d be all over me too!!!! ❤ Being an Angel helps………….

  2. You ARE taller than a tree! What was it over there that captured your imagination?? By the way… my mom has a thing for ornj kitties! She thinks they are adorable.

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