Time to Celebrate

Mom said that today, March 2nd, I am 9 months old.  When she got me, I was just a little tiny thing and now I have a fluffy tummy and I’m getting longer and longer!  

Mom, are you writing about me?

The Mom:  Yes, Steinbeck, I’m telling your readers that it’s a special day for you.  

Am I older than Hemingway now?

No, Hemingway’s age is counted in years and your age is still counted in months.

When do I get to be years?

In another three months.  On June 2nd you will be one year old!

Then can I go out on dates?

No, you can’t leave the yard.

Did you really just tell the readers that I can’t go out of the yard?  You make me sound like such a baby!  Where’s the delete button???

Don’t worry, Steinbeck.  They all know that you are getting to be a big boy.  I love you and wish you a Happy 9 Months Birthday!




22 thoughts on “Time to Celebrate

  1. Happy 9 months little guy, ask for an extra treat. We tried it but it never worked for us. Neko and Sushi😾😾😾😾😾😾😾😾😾😾

  2. Steinbeck, you are definitely a teenage boy cat…wanting to go out on dates! I am sure you won’t have any trouble finding dates to go to the Blogville dances and events, you looker, you.

  3. Happy Nine Months birthday Steinbeck! I am turning one on Saturday – I’ve only been in my forever home for two and a half weeks and already I’m PARTYING! Have a good time today…you deserve it!

    Love, Teddy

  4. Happy Nine Months, Steinbeck! You are getting to be a big boy – I bet you are already lots bigger than me. I’m only 6-1/2 pounds.

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