Little Brothers…..What More Can I Say?

Mom says I’m a furry, four-footed wrecking ball.  What does she mean by that, Hemingway?

Here, I found a picture on the internet thingy.


Who Me
Hey….I don’t look like that!  I do love to play with balls, though.  So do you.Wait a minute!!!  Did you do something to this picture of me?  I look like I weigh a million pounds!!!

Never mind your fluffy tummy.  We all know you love food.  Anyway, Mom calls you a wrecking ball ‘cuz you seem to get into EVERYTHING.

So do you!

I’ve grown up a little so I don’t knock everything off the shelves, tables, desks and bookcases.  Even last night you managed to knock down  a round candle and you were chasing it all over the house.

It was fun!

You also do lots of exploring, as evidenced in the following photo:

Kitty Wash I was just checking things out.  By the way, is this a Kitty Wash machine?  There’s plenty of room for even you!

Steinbeck, get out of there!

Nobody can see me.  I’m a lamp with a colorful lampshade!

Steinbeck, want to know another way you are a wrecking ball?  You wreck all my peaceful time.Tussle

But you love me!  Besides, this is good exercise for both of us.  Mom said you were supposed to slim down so I’m just helping!

24 thoughts on “Little Brothers…..What More Can I Say?

  1. Steinbear, YOU look ginormous in that second photo! How much do you weigh!? 55 lbs! Holy cow you are no longer a kitten. You are adorable I would love to hug you! By the way, do you purr!

  2. Little siblings are so weird…they get excited when they do the stupidest things but hey Hemingway, they grow up fast and then they’re smart asses who know everything for a couple of years. Then they can be reasoned with.


  3. Hi Steinbeck! You will get more graceful as you grow out of that kitten phase. Then you can get into things without knocking things down and you will be the stealth kitty!

  4. What amazingly adorable photos. Fiona and Giulietta loved to explore the dishwasher. They grew out of doing it. Your “lampshade” photo is so funny! XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

    1. Mom here….Shakespeare loved the dishwasher as well. I think it’s an orange thing in this house. Hemingway and I both laughed at his lampshade pose. Never know what that little boy is going to do. Have a super week all of you!! Hugs…….

  5. Tee-Hee, that’s a very cute Lamp ! Look how tall it is 😀 I’m afraid I’m a bit of a wrecking ball too…not on purpose…but a lot of, “oopsie daisy” goes on. Last month it was the vacuum at work…fell over and a holder broke off…went flying…never to be seen again :/ gah!!!! x B

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