I’m Doing the Selfie

Mom said it’s my turn for the selfie, so here goes.  First I had to figure out where the flashy box was.  Mom always hides it from us.  I finally found it but I didn’t know how to use it.  I asked Hemingway and he wouldn’t tell me.  He kept saying that I would just get in trouble.  How’s a little guy supposed to do a selfie if nobody helps?

Here’s what I finally came up with.

Steinbeck Selfie

In case you’re wondering, I was looking for the button to push for the selfie.  I never did find it so I don’t know how this picture happened!!!  Spooky things seem to happen around me.

I told my friends I would remind all of you to check out their pictures on the Sunday Selfies Blog Hop.  They all did great!!!


18 thoughts on “I’m Doing the Selfie

  1. GRATE foto Steinbeck! Maybee thee Foto Fairiess were smiling on you 😉
    Sorry wee not been around. LadyMum has been BERRY sick an still reecovurrin….. an mee has had sum ruff dayss all so. Fingss slo-lee getting better!!! Wee finks of you an Hemingway offen.
    Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

      1. Between mee Icky Bowel Syndrome an LadyMum’ss Sinusitis AN Bronchitis it has been a pawfull year. fingss just gotta get better….
        MMMMM stereo purrs are berry kewl!!!!!

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