Sunday Selfie

Humans sure have some crazy ideas!!  Mom thought it would be cute for me to wear her hat from work for the selfie today.  Believe it or not, that’s me under the hat!


Of course someone else had to get into the act, too!!!


Mom had to take it away from him before he put his “beaver impression” tooth marks all over it!

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24 thoughts on “Sunday Selfie

  1. Just check you have the right size of hat as we’d hate to see you with the hat too small for you both.

  2. In this case, Steinbeck is clearly the smart one – sounds like Mr. Hat-Biter made it less appealing for your human to get him to pose with her stuff in the future!

  3. Hah! Fergus would have given that hat the beaver treatment too, I think. (And that’s a hilarious phrase. I’m gonna have to remember that one.)

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