Retro Cinco de Mayo

Way back in 2011, when Steinbeck wasn’t even a speck in his mommy kitty’s eyes, my previous ginger kitty, Shakespeare, tried to find out about this special holiday.   I haven’t checked to see what Steinbeck thinks of this special day, but here’s what Shakespeare thought.

Angel Shakespeare as a kitten

Hemingway, what is Mom talking about?  I’m trying to figure out another one of those “human” things.   She said something about mayo in the sink.  I went and looked and I didn’t see anything.  Am I missing out on something?  Do you know what she’s talking about?

Shakespeare, you know you’re not supposed to be up on the counter.  I’m going to tell Mom that you’re snooping again.

Well, I’m just trying to figure out what all the excitement is about.  I even heard them talking about it on the news this morning when Mom was trying to wake up.

I didn’t hear anything about it but I was busy staring at the dirt again.  I love to do that.  Maybe I can become the world’s best “dirt starer” and make lots of money for treats and toys.

Hemingway, you are so strange.  How can I find out about  mayo in the sink?

We could Google it.  Mom showed me how to do that.

Hey, I never thought about that!

I can’t see when you have your big tail in the way, Shakespeare!

Hey…………is this what you were hearing?  Is it Cinco de Mayo?

Maybe.  I heard “mayo” and that made me think of sandwiches and you know I love bread.  I figured Mom had some sandwiches in the sink or something.  If there isn’t any bread involved then I’ll let the humans deal with the “mayo”.

Well, I’m not too sure what it’s all about but I don’t think they mean there’s mayo in the sink.  We’ll have to ask Mom about it when she gets home from work.

I’m going to go take a nap now.  Leave the computer alone!

16 thoughts on “Retro Cinco de Mayo

  1. I wondered about that mayo thing too……When Mom is making sammmmiches, sometimes she uses mayo and I actually got a tiny taste – it’s pretty yummy. Don’t understand the Cinco thing but like you say – maybe that’s where she keeps the mayo. Humans are quite confusing sometimes!

    Hugs, Teddy

  2. We live in Los Angeles, and as far as I know, the whole Mayo holiday has something to do with the place I went to last year for the Blessing of the Animals, but on a different day. My human sometimes buys something there called “churros,” but I don’t think they come with mayo.

  3. Only 6 years ago…I am sure sometimes it feels like forever, and others like only yesterday. Sweet memories for cinco do mayo.

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