Field Trip!!! Wait……………..What????


Mom let me out after supper tonight and I thought she was being so nice.  However, she started following me around.  I walked on the deck and she followed me.  I jumped down in the grass and she followed me.  What was she doing???  Next thing I knew, she had picked me up and was carrying me to the gate.  Now, she’ll tell you that’s not an easy thing for her to do.  I’m not exactly made of marshmallows.  Anyway, suddenly I was in the car and she was starting it!  What’s happening?


Oh, this was not cool.  She took me to the doctor lady’s house!!!  Did I say I wanted to go there?  Why, Mom???  I don’t think I’ll speak to you for a few minutes.


As usual, I had to try and get all my floofiness into that little basket.  I even had to get my tail in there!


Mom, it’s sooooooooo humiliating!!!  Why don’t you get in this box and see how you feel?  Then the doctor lady told you that I weigh just a little under 22 pounds.  I didn’t want her to tell you!  Now I’m not speaking to her, either.


What are you doing, doctor lady?  I told you I’m not speaking to you.  Do you want me to tell everyone how much you weigh?


Mom, please don’t let her take me!  I heard her say something about shots.  I also heard you tell her that I should have a “manny” “petty”.  I don’t know what that is.  I know I’m a man cat and I’m you’re pet so I’m hoping it’s something good.  (Readers…….don’t let those humans fool you.  I had my claws all nice and sharp for wrestling with Steinbeck and now they’re gone.  I found out a “manny” “petty” means “goodbye claws”.

I finally got home safe and sound and took a nap.  I heard Mom talking about me having to go back in June for some dental work.  I didn’t like hearing that!  I hope they all forget!

From the Mom:  Hemingway was so good at the vet’s.  He is the most mellow cat around and the doctor said she wishes all her patients were like that.  We will have to have a tooth worked on and possibly extracted.  I’ll take him in early in the morning and then bring him home at night.  It’s the first time he’s had any surgery and of course Mom is worried.  For now, we’re just going to have cuddle time.

22 thoughts on “Field Trip!!! Wait……………..What????

  1. I hope he doesn’t need an extraction, but if he does, I will send him a Tooth Fairy gift ( crocheted catnip toy). I will add him to my prayer list too for a safe procedure.

  2. Glad it was a good vet visit. I had not realized what a nice big boy he is. The boys here way 12lbs each. I have only had one nice big kitty and he was a black and white tom also 🙂

  3. Hm… your report and your human’s don’t match up. I think one of you is exaggerating. Probably your human! Bummer about needing the dental.

  4. Don’t get me wrong, H – nobody should be announcing your weight, but that being said – You weigh the same as me!!! What a big, beautiful boy!

    Love and licks,

    PS. I was at the vet’s house yesterday, too – for my last and final tail checkup.

  5. Oh Hemingway that was a sneaky way of getting you in the car to go to the doctor but it turned out just fine… got “taken care of” and if you have to have a toofie pulled you will handle that just fine and dandy I’m sure! You’re a BIG BRAVE (did I say BIG??) BOY!

    Love, Teddy

      1. Which is VERY impawtant! That’s the excuse my Mom use too when she forced me to go to the vet person. She’s right (Moms usually are!).

  6. At least no one mentioned the dreaded DIET word ! Mom owes you lots of snuggles, but she says you were a very good boy ! Purrs !

  7. Can’t let Hazel read this. At 15 lbs. I keep harping on her to loose weight. Gracie had 2 teeth extracted 2 months ago. Made a huge different in her. She had been very sensitive to anyone touching her mouth so we knew something was wrong. The tooth fairy visited her too. There is an orange fish in the kitchen right now.

    1. The doctor lady thinks they are getting the problem really early ‘cuz I’m not having pain. Mom’s glad of that! Oh, don’t worry, I get told to lose weight, too. MOL!
      Big Purrs…….Hemingway

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