What Did I Miss???

So, after supper tonight I was looking over Mom’s shoulder and reading our blog.  I was wondering why Hemingway got to go on a field trip and I didn’t.  Then I read what happened!  OMC!!!!

 I just visited the doctor lady not too long ago ‘cuz I had a problem with my “pants”.  Do you know how humiliating that was??  I couldn’t even talk about it.  

And they did that “manny” “petty” thing on me, too!  He didn’t lose all his claws, he just had them cut shorter.  Why does our Mom want us to have short nails?  Is it just ‘cuz she can’t seem to grow her nails long so she doesn’t want to be jealous of us?  If I promise to always hide them around you, Mom……..will you let me grow them long again?  (Can’t say no if I don’t ask. )

When Hemingway came home last night, I wondered where he had been.  He had different smells and he wasn’t talking.  At first I thought maybe he had gone to visit some of our blogging friends.  However, the more I sniffed him, the more I recognized the doctor lady’s house smells.  I was real nice to him last night and let him recover.

Mom says he has to have his toofie worked on and that they will put him out for it.  Does that mean they will put him outside?  Why can’t he just go outside here?  She said he’ll be gone all day.  That’s a long time for him to be away.  How am I going to survive by myself?

Will I have to eat his food so his dish doesn’t get lonely?

Will I have to drag out all his favorite toys?

Will I have to try out all the litter boxes?  Wait……….I already do that!  Cross that off my list.

Will I have to do the blog by myself again?

This is just too much for my little brain.  I need a nap!


11 thoughts on “What Did I Miss???

  1. Oh my. Getting toofies removed is no fun. I had 3 removed last year. The tooth fairy came and left a couple of toys for me to play with. Contact Ellen of 15 and Meowing. She is the tooth fairy for Blogville.


  2. Don’t be worried, S. I’m sure the doctor lady will take good care of Hemingway. Meanwhile, take 26 naps and by the time you wake up, he’ll be home.

    Love and licks,

  3. Wow, you are full of questions, Steinbeck! I get mani-pedis all the time (my human does them herself) because of my therapy cat work. I guess working cats need short claws because we have busy paws!

  4. Steinbeck you are just like me…..questions all the time…..Mom says she can’t even keep up with me sometimes! I’ve decided to just take one HOUR at a time (Mom says it’s supposed to be one day but I’m too little to think of days – I think of hours!). Anyway, I’m sure Hemingway will be just fine so don’t worry about him. Just take another nap. That’s what I do!

    Hugs, Teddy

    1. Thanks for the good advice, Teddy! I know we’ll know almost everything before long, but sometimes it’s hard to get all that into our brains. You have a pawsome day!
      Growing purrs……….Steinbeck

  5. Hi Steinbeck, I am glad you are being considerate of your brother. You will definitely have plenty to do the day he is gone. And remember to be kind to him when he comes home from the kittie hospital.

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